Radio Racism: Why Do Whites Ignore Canadian “Illegals”?

An article in the May 27th issue of the Columbus Dispatch features a story about a recent promotion sponsored by local radio station WTVN-AM (610).

Reacting against Columbus’ Mayor’s suspension of city travel to Arizona, the promotion offered an all-expenses-paid trip to Phoenix “where Americans are proud and illegals are scared.” In addition, the winner would have the opportunity to “spend a weekend chasing [illegal] aliens . . .”

The station said that this promotion was the most popular it had ever had: more than 5,000 people entered.

Several pro-immigrant groups denounced the promotion’s “attack on the immigrant community” and asked the station to apologize. Mike Elliott, the station’s program director, said that he would not apologize and dismissed claims that the promotion showed racial bias.

He elaborated: “It comes down to the word illegal for me. It’s not a race thing. It’s a legal thing. If you’re breaking the law, it doesn’t matter where you’re from.”

Funny you should mention race, Mike. Would a similar promotion about the many Canadian illegals in the US stimulate such a massive response?

Would your station promote a trip where the winner would be able to chase Canadian illegals as if they were animals?