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  1. John Brown

    In a society with 320M members, it would be astounding if we all agreed on every topic. Fortunately, we are a democracy so multiple voices and views are allowed to be heard but even so those with with gumption or power are more equal than the rest of us and able to set policy at a national, regional or local level. However, it is also worth noting that many policy decisions are at best temporary because the net effect raises general interest resulting in a demand for change followed by a reversal of policy. Lastly, it is worth pointing out that none of us are capable of tracking every decision made by leadership particularly for every region or locality and for every time period. To categorically assume that decisions made without transparency have full approval of a community is ludicrous.

    I registered in order to comment on one article because it was frankly quite biased but then I read 3 other articles and found the level of anger and prejudice to be beyond the pale. It is not worth it to debate your articles one by one.

    Assuming you truly wish to communicate ideas rather than just vent, I propose the following.
    1) stop assuming that you know everything about everybody. How many of your Black friends casually drop the N-word? May we assume they are automatically racist or merely using terms of endearment? How many of your male Black friends have serious issues with Black females dating non-Blacks? May we consider them automatically racist, selfish and trying desperately to keep the herd available only to themselves or attempting to maintain some type of status quo rather than allowing change in a post industrial post service based economy? Have you ever heard a Black comedian tell jokes that do not include racial stereotypes of White behavior?
    2) try to be at least slightly scientific about your polling? A colleague of mine hailing from Florida stated that he had never actually met a White until he entered high school. Under such circumstances, it is clear that some stereotyped knowledge not countered by personal experience will color thinking. Compare his experience to an integrated environment where children of different races have known each other since birth, played and studied together and even often visited each other’s homes. You make sweeping generalizations when you announce the results of your surveys with no accountability for background or education. You continually attempt to paint one side as inherently evil with the unstated assumption that the other side is innocent, unbiased and merely trying to get along.
    3) stop being so arrogant. Nobody elected or appointed you as the sole voice of Black America and frankly that grouping is so fragmented that it is ridiculous to assume that there is a general consensus or agreement on anything within a Black America representing 14% of society. Similarly, what you appear to know about White America is woefully ignorant. At least concede that a nation of immigrants arrived here in waves and therefore all cannot be held accountable for decisions made before their arrival, will clash with others that arrived at different times in part because of different points of view or different levels of assimulation, and will often bring historical grievances not easily abandoned after arrival.
    4) do you even have a goal? I suggest that you review it and see if it even makes sense. If you saved your pennies and traveled outside this nation, you might find out that news sources don’t have to exaggerate conditions in other societies. We really are lucky to have what we have in comparison.
    5) why is historical context not important to you? why do you assume that if American policy was not “offending” or “dominating” some other society, that that society would merely carry on without being attacked from someone else or have leadership willing to use the opportunity to subjugate or abuse their own people?

    As you have no doubt observed by my writing style, I am White. My spouse is Black. The amount of racism we have experienced from the Black community is amazing mostly because it is never discussed in the media including at your site. Why is that? If transparency is so important, what are you hiding? The number of Blacks I have interviewed that openly favor segregation is also astounding? Why is that? The number of Blacks that protest the lack of jobs that require at most a high school diploma is also astounding? Was it bad to outsource jobs to other countries giving them an opportunity to improve themselves? Do we truly deserve the benefits of freedom, cheap education and nice entertainments packages like cable tv, smartphones and internet services without possessing the basic knowledge about how it all works? Do you truly believe that we should remain trapped in time in a pre Brown vs Board of Education era or pre Civil Rights era or should we continue to forge ahead in an ever changing world where new opportunities and challenges appear daily?


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