Conservative Prediction Romney will Lose: RP Too Heavily White

Henry Olsen, vice president of the conservative American Enterprise Institute, has a very detailed statistical analysis of the polls and predicts that President Obama will win tomorrow. He presents a detailed argument on no less than the National Review online, the programmatic heir of a racist white conservative tradition started by William Buckley, Republican intellectual and supporter of Jim Crow segregation and South African apartheid.

Olsen accents the extraordinary whiteness (especially southern whiteness) of the Republican Party and the 2012 vote, with an omission of the long historical context that other analysts of politics and racism like me have provided, but his conclusions are fascinating and must be very disturbing to Romney’s loyal base. He, not surprisingly, does not dig into the systemic racism of the past or present that lies behind his statistical figures.

He concludes much like more scholarly analysts with detailed historical and contemporary analyses that no matter the result, the Republican Party is in deep trouble:

Win or lose, we are in the twilight of the Age of Reagan. Romney’s efforts have almost recreated the Reagan coalition, but in today’s America that is no longer enough. To prevail in 2014 and beyond, the Republican party will need to learn to adapt its principles to new times and new voters. Echoing Rabbi Hillel, Reagan summoned conservatives to action with two related questions: If not us, who? If not now, when? We must take on this challenge anew as we undertake our rendezvous with destiny and remake the conservative majority Reagan bequeathed to us.

By new voters, he means the voters of color who are likely to make up more than a quarter of tomorrow’s voters, and increasing percentages in the future.


  1. cordoba blue

    Absolutely! I knew it, I knew it. On NPR today I heard analysts saying that Romney lost the election because of alienating the Hispanic voters. He was making noises about retracting the Dream Act. Huge mistake. And this was a relatively conservative act regarding new immigrants. Why would you want to cut a mandate that would help Latinos get a college education?
    The discussion also said that the Republicans would have to rethink their philosophy.In a big way. We’re not living in 1772 anymore. This is 2012. Everybody is not English and Protestant. Time to please stop visualizing the government as a conglomeration of elite white men. If they don’t, they will continue to lose seats in congress. This election will probably do more to awaken the Republicans to the idea of a whole new demographic than anything else that could happen. The program said that many Republicans were in deep shock.
    Yes, adapt your principles to new times. No more white wigs and tri-cornered hats.

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