Don’t Call Republicans Neanderthals: It’s Unfair … To Neanderthals

Once upon a time, vicious racist statements were pretty much limited to white racist good ole boys having a beer or two. These days such statements they may be found in mainstream media, authored by Republican candidates or elected officials.

Jack Davis, a Buffalo N.Y. businessman running in the Republican primary for a congressional seat, stated recently that Latino farm workers should be deported and replaced by inner city Blacks. In other words, take the pestiferous illegals out of the country and replace them with stereotypically (in his mind) lazy Blacks.

Kansas Representative Virgil Peck outdid Davis. The problem caused by the growth of the wild hog population was being discussed at a meeting of the House Appropriation Committee. A possible solution, gunmen in helicopters, was being debated. Peck asserted:

If shooting these immigrating feral hogs works, maybe we have found a (solution) to our illegal immigration problem.

Peck voiced a brief apology that many found unconvincing. As Peck sees it, illegal immigrants and wild hogs are at the same level.

Republican Party officials expressed dismay at these politicians’ abhorrent pronouncements and tried to distance themselves from this vitriol. These party officials, however, should ask themselves the following question: Why do politicians of this ilk align themselves with the GOP and not another party?