Dr. Laura’s Racist Rant (Updated)

While Joe and I’ve been away from blogging for face-to-face conferencing, it seems that racism seems to have rolled along without our review. One of the more egregious offenders seems to have been one talk-show host known as Dr. Laura. Here’s are some of our colleagues in anti-racist struggle, Jill Merritt, John Ridley, and Tim Wise, speaking on a panel hosted by CNN’s Don Lemon recently about the Dr. Laura mess:

Thoughts about all this, dear readers?

UPDATED 8/18 @ 7:19amET: Dr.Laura to End her Radio Show. Now there’s a silver lining! 🙂


  1. No1KState

    Wow! The thing Tim said about having to rep my race having a physiological effect – that explains soooo much!

    Tim pretty much said it. I’ll add a few quick things.

    1 – Black comedians complain about having to “shuck and jive” in order to get stage time. A lot of rap artists complain about the same effect in the music business.
    2 – Jersey Shore doesn’t define white culture. Neither should gangsta rap or HBO. And the fact that it’s on HBO that the language is used should be a hint to everyone. Even BET edits out the n-word and the b-word among others.
    3 – I, as a straight woman, don’t complain about not being allowed to use the “f-word.” I’m even dedicated to not saying, “That’s so g*y.” I thought about using it in a blog title about prop 8 not being black folks’ fault, but changed my mind. So really, white folks need to quit whining about the double standard. I mean, is that the only word you can think to use when talking about black people??
    4 – About the double standard . . . racial slurs about whites are rarely used in the black community. Maybe redneck and honky, but they aren’t the same. Neither is the f*ggot, by the way. None of these words equal the n-word.

  2. No1KState

    Dr.Laura to End her Radio Show. Now there’s a silver lining!

    Whooohooo!!! Yes!

    . . . She’s not in line for a show of Fox, though, is she?

    Anyway, that’s just great!!


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