More on Rand Paul and Racism Issues

This Dailykos blogger lists these Rand Paul events. The Maddow discussion was blogged on previously by Adia and others, but there is more…… The plot thickens:

Strike #1. Rand Paul’s campaign spokesperson Chris Hightower was fired for posting “Happy Nigger day” with Lynching pics at Facebook along with posts describing how he liked to go to the local mall in KKK garb.

Strike #2. On The Rachel Maddow’s Show and NPR Rand Paul, repeatedly, objects to Title II of the Civil Rights Act, stating that Businesses should be able to discriminate based on race. Upon learning of the controversy he had stirred by airing his pro discrimination views, he backtracks and goes into hiding/damage control.

And now Strike #3. Rand Paul has received funds and promotion from white supremacists, Neo-Nazi’s and KKK leadership via

Is this US political scene getting closer to tragic political events in Germany in early 1930s?


  1. ignoblus

    Not really appreciating the analgy.

    What bothered me most about Ron Paul was the liberal support he got — and how frustrating it was to argue with his liberal supporters. The Nazis won power (with about a third of the vote) largely because the Communists pulled a Nader on the Social Democrats. With Rand Paul, it seems people have a pretty clear idea about who he is, and that will limit his support to those few people who actually share his ideas. Even if he wins a Senate seat, he’s not going to turn the US into Nazi Germany any more than Bernie Sanders has already turned the US into Cuba.

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