Glenn Beck Refuses to Define “White Culture”

Glenn Beck infamously said that President Barack Obama holds a “deep-seated hatred for white culture.” Yet, when Katie Couric recently asked him to define what he meant by “white culture,” Beck was uncharacteristically at a loss for word (3:11):


  1. JDF

    a classic example of the white racial frame in action: most whites have no problem discussing life while making references to whites, blacks, etc., but once asked to define whiteness or “white culture” they struggle. As Frankenberg pointed out in “White Women Race Matters,” when probed to come up with something they’ll equate “white” culture with what is “normal.” Sadly, media rarely probe their interviewees anymore.

  2. ellen says

    Glenn Beck gets paid millions to say anything that will shock. The tragedy is that some people are uneducated enough to take him seriously. Hopefully, President Obama’s continued dignified efforts to Unite The Races of this country will over-shadow this idiot Beck’s BS!

  3. Daniel D.

    I am impressed by Katie, for a mainstream white journalist she really asked a good question. Of course she backed down a bit but I think overall she held her own against a very racist conservative.

    @JDF I agree, most whites have zero ability to understand white culture and very often define it as a bench mark.

    Thanks for the post admin.

  4. ellen says

    By the way, I’ve always maintained there is no ‘white culture’ just as there is no ‘black culture’. There’s Individual values, Family values, Educational levels, Individual experiences. To attempt to define Ba-zillions of people in one basket {either black or white} is racism in itself. My beliefs.

  5. ellen says

    Daniel said: “I agree, most whites have zero ability to understand white culture.”
    Here we go again. “Most whites’…’Most blacks’…’Most Hispanics’..most people wearing blue shirts…most people driving Hondas..most people who live in a neighborhood with lots of trees..most people who watch television..most people who’ve ever seen a green frog..and Best of All..Most People Who’ve Ever Seen a Bugs Bunny Cartoon will tell you…..what?

  6. ellen says

    Just making the point that if there’s a ‘white racial frame’ then there’s a ‘black racial frame’ and there’s an ‘Hispanic racial frame’ etc. Putting people in frames constitutes racism right there. Why can’t we seek Commonality of Cultures? Isn’t that our ultimate goal?

  7. I like Hanley-Lopez’ prediction (manifesting itself today) that the new racism will be the “color-blind” Kool-Aid packaged today.

    It’s interesting to note that those who profess color-blindness, go on to quote exaggerated monetary funds when asked how much they would have to be compensated to be black.


  8. siss

    It was great to see him squirm! I commend Katie for continually asking, “So, how do you define white culture?” What a hoot! But, in all seriousness, I dont know what he meant by “white culture”. Thats difficult to pinpoint because whites are not monolithic….hmmm… something to think about. He was probably referring to the way things “used to be”, “the norm”, “the lack of concern that he must now confront because whites are slowly becoming the minority”.

    @ellen: Its all good in the neighborhood! : )

  9. MOM @ Ellen

    Ellen, Here are a few examples of racism, and subtle other forms of racism.
    Racism between cultures/ethnics/PEOPLE
    Racism between citizens/non-citizens
    Racism between social classes
    Racism between religions
    Racism between heterosexuals/homosexuals
    Racism between Countries
    Racism between educated people/uneducated people
    Racism between the genders of people
    Racism between age groups
    Definition of Racism: “Racism is the belief that race is the primary determinant of human traits and capacities and that racial difference produce an inherent superiority of a particular race’ (Wikipedia-Def)
    People in general, are either brainwashed by other people, systems, tribes, cultures, ethnics, countries, religions, etc. However, there are some people that think for themselves they are know as trouble makers, different, genius, visionary’s, and crazy. Example: Jesus, Buddha, Mohammad etc. Until people wake up and realize that we are just that, people, there will always be racism in one form or the other. It is impossible to erase racism because most people need racism in order to think of themselves as superior to what they think is less superior, in this case, people, countries, cultures etc. And, as long as people have an ego/thoughts about the world around them this will be FACT. I always say what ties everybody together are our feelings, which if we did not have for one another there would not be discussions like this today.. Ego cannot be felt it can only be thought, however, feelings are felt, and it allows us to have compassion, empathy, and most of all understanding for one another. Unfortunately, there are a lot of people that don’t feel they run off their egos, and then we have wars, racism, hate, and crime. I also, always say “that there should not one person on this planet that should be made to feel misunderstood when all that is needed from all of us is to understand.” And, how can something so simple be so complex? So, this is what I do in my spare time. I truly rather be lost in thought about why’s and solve those why’s then complain about something that is completely out of my control. I like to find answers to solve some really deep and disturbing problems that has everything to do with all people not just a certain class. I know this may sound a little strange, but Ive come to understand the we all need each other for the survival of one another and I hope someday people everywhere on this tiny little planet will come to that understanding as well..Thanks:)

  10. ellen says

    Hey MOM:
    I posted a commentary Just Like Yours listing all the various types of racism..and it was deleted. So, obviously the ‘admin’ likes you better than me. LOL!
    @ Siss: Hi! I’m in the dog house with ‘admin’! LOL!

  11. Joe

    Mom and Ellen, actually the term “racism” was invented by Magnus Hirschfeld for institutionalized racial oppression in Europe under the Nazis, and is most accurately used that way–institutionalized racial oppression. Thus there is no black racism in the US, if we use this term in its original and most accurate meaning.l… Ellen, whites invented the white racial frame and named themselves ‘whites’ and ‘blacks’ as ‘black’ in order to rationalize the oppression of Africans in slavery — and added to that terms for “Indians’ etc… People of color have had to react to white oppression imposed on them by these self defined whites…by anti-oppression counterframes… Thus, the white racist frame is oldest and started the systemic racism of the US and indeed the Atlantic basin…

  12. MOM@JOE

    Thank you Joe. I have just finished with researching, how the English Monarchy had been formed.. I will look up Magnus Hirschfeld and read what you suggested..I am truly trying to understand what this concept is all about, and I appreciate everyone’s patience. MOM:)

  13. ellen says

    The following was written by Black Attorney General Eric Holder this last February 2009: Black History Month.

    ‘To respect one another we must have a basic understanding of one another. And so we should use events such as this to not only learn more about the facts of black history but also to learn more about each other.’
    ‘This will be, at first, a process that is both awkward and painful but the rewards are potentially great. The alternative is to allow to continue the polite, restrained mixing that now passes as meaningful interaction but that accomplishes little.’
    ‘Imagine if you will situations where people- regardless of their skin color- could confront racial issues freely and without fear. The potential of this country, that is becoming increasingly diverse, would be greatly enhanced. I fear however, that we are taking steps that, rather than advancing us as a nation are actually dividing us even further. We still speak too much of “them” and not “us”.’
    I agree Attorney General Holder. Too much ‘Them’ versus ‘Us’ does Not further race relations but continues to draw lines of demarcation between people. Thank you for saying this! In post # 8 above I talked about Commonality of Culture. I asked if this was our common goal? I think it should be. Eric Holder seems to agree with me.

  14. Dave Paul

    Lets not forget that racism is primarily a structural, institutional phenomena, not just beliefs harbored by individuals.

    The easiest way to take note of racism is to look at the figures. What are the racial discrepencies in employment, housing, wealth, education, imprisonment, etc?

    When you look at the system as a whole, you see it for what it is. One will often lose sight of this when looking solely for “racial prejudice” held by individuals.

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