Threats Against President Obama up 400 Percent, Yet No Discussion of Racism

This video from Rick Sanchez at CNN is on the long side (8:15) but it’s worth watching (via DailyKos):

Here’s a key excerpt from the transcript:

“A CNN source with very close ties to the U.S. Secret Service confirmed to me today that threats on the life of the president of the United States have now risen by as much as 400 percent since his inauguration, 400 percent death threats against Barack Obama  — quote — “in this environment” go far beyond anything the Secret Service has seen with any other president. Now, I need to have you keep in mind today as we add details to this story of what we’re going to share with you here. I want to take you back 11 days ago, when Mr. Obama visited Phoenix, Arizona. Do you remember this man? He’s one of a dozen or so people who carried guns to that presidential event that we have been checking on. You may remember that we heard him say on camera that he is prepared to resort to forceful resistance against the Obama administration.”

By referring to “this environment” going “far beyond anything” with “any other president,” Sanchez seems to imply there’s racism going on, but he never comes out and says that, and certainly never offers an analysis of the racism inherent in “this environment.” So, given that this dramatic rise in the number of threats to President Obama clearly has racist undertones, why is there virtually no analysis of this by mainstream news readers like Sanchez?


  1. ellen says

    This incident has under tones on top of under tones. The pastor in the video claiming Obama should die is white. The man in the crowd carrying the assault rifle is black.
    Of course, the reason threats to Obama’s life have augmented by 400% is due to racism. No question about it. However, this Particular Incident defies viewing the open belligerance toward an American president along racist lines alone. Perhaps that’s why Sanchez didn’t want to yell “Racism” here.
    A simple question perhaps but: why would a black man be willing to perpetrate an act of violence against another black man {not to mention our President} simply because a white man tells him to?
    I mean what is this about? Is this the Civil War re-play where the Union Army tells blacks to fight for their enslaved brethren and thus join the yankees?
    Whatever’s going on, we’re definitely on the edge. ‘Cooler heads will prevail’. I hope so.

  2. AE

    That Pastor Steven A is one ugly inciter, right in line with other mic-wielders who seem bent on inspiring presidential death, like Beck and Limbaugh. His logic is really bizarre, like it was this past spring, went he went on a rampage about how “Barack Obama is white! He’s WHITE!!” He does know “how to walk that fine line” without making direct threats, but in this most recent outburst, it seems to me that he crossed it, especially because it could easily function as incitement, as the gentleman on CNN points out.

    Thank you for providing this clip.

  3. monique

    there is silence by the msm because the majority of the media is controlled by white southerns who hate blacks already and the few tokens they hire like sanchez refuse to speak out cause they have sold out. This is often why you hear the token balcks,hipanics and asian refuse to dened their community. Most of them have left their community behind along time ago and now reside in predominately white gated communities –

    any self respecting member of these communities who seaks out is often silenced and made to look like the angry violence , person who is picking on the poor old white man or women who is just speaking the truth – heck just look at the fear from saying that rush is a oxycodin junkie and the tea baggers main organiser is a man covicted of defrauding medicare – the socialist govt program the majority of the tea baggers are living on – racist bastards come in all shapes and colors.

  4. gee

    Drastic consequences will ensue if any thing happens to President Obama or his family and administration. He/thy are far to important in this countrys ability to move forward with a humanitarian posture.

  5. sandy harrison

    Our President is Black and White, what is going on with the country of fools. I wish President Obama would sand up for himself and this country and take it back. Stop these gun carring, life threating,oxycodin junkies, tea baggers, racist black and white trouble makers, confederate flag flying PIGS and run their terrorist ASSES to prison.

  6. Marianne

    Until Obama becomes transparent as he said he would. He is causing people of all colors and nationalities to hate him. Obama is 50% white and hates it, he is 6.26% black from a distant grandparent and the rest is Black Arab. Obama is distroying America and those around him are to afraid to stop him until its to late to same America. Obama is a British citizen by birth and is a dual citizen not able to be President. The DNC protected Obama because that is the only way they could get the Presidency. They were afraid to trust Hillary to become first female President. Do you think the Clintons will forget or forgive.


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