Racist Imagery Targeting Obama Increasing Dramatically

Over at the Dailykos blog MInistryofTruth reproduces many many of the racist images that have targeted President Obama just in his brief seven months as president. Like this one circulated by one Republican operative.
racist imagery.

And this dailykos blog piece does not even go into the reality that the N-word and Obama appear no less than 433,000 times in a Google search right now. Or the many racist websites that Jessie has discussed the most so far by any scholar in jessie her new book on Cyber Racism. Many right-wing, overwhelmingly white politicos seem to be openly racializing their attacks on President Obama in attempts to bring down his presidency and further polarize the country. If memory serves, I have not seen this level of open and blatantly racist viciousness since the anti-civil-rights movements of the 1950s and 1960s.

And yet we have many scholars and commentators still trying to argue for a “post-racial America.” Denial of reality seems to be part of the soft and hard versions of the white racial frame — indeed from its beginning in the 17th century.