Amazing News: Continuing Racial Inequality in Higher Education

In this land of systemic racism and widespread discrimination in major institutional areas, a recent article in Inside Higher Educations asks, once again, “Does race matter?” Michelle Asha Coooper, president of the Institute for Higher Education Policy, and David A. Longanecker, president of the Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education, ask this question, and then use somewhat tame “disparities” language to describe continuing discrimination in higher education:

# There are racial disparities in fields of study and graduate education. Fewer racial/ethnic minority students graduate in fields like science and engineering; fewer receive post-baccalaureate training and attain master’s, doctorate, and professional degrees.

# There are racial disparities in perceptions of campus climate. Racial/ethnic minority students are less likely to express satisfaction with their overall undergraduate experience. They also are less likely to feel a sense of belonging, interact with faculty/staff, and hold leadership positions in clubs/organizations.

# There are racial disparities in hiring, tenure, and compensation policies. Post graduation, racial/ethnic minorities earn less, with the same credentials, as their White counterparts. Even within the ranks of our liberal-minded institutions, Blacks and Hispanics are grossly underrepresented in our faculties. And where people of color do find positions within our institutions, it is too often in adjunct faculty positions, bereft of the pay and benefits appreciated by regular faculty, and in our service departments, perpetuating the inequalities that we so often condemn in society in general.

Good points, albeit very tame language which dances around identifying the powerful whites in positions of authority who are responsible for much of this disparate reality. And they do not deal even briefly with the realities of racist campus climates (much more than “perceptions”) or with how racial discrimination works on campuses.

The comments after their IHE post are quite revealing of how far we have to go on these matters. Each generation of (especially white) Americans has to be retaught our racist history and contemporary racist reality. The white racial frame is quite effective, for most whites, in covering up and hiding the racist reality. As one of my grad students put it yesterday, people of color and antiracist whites must spend much time in each generation in trying to get the society to “recover” for themselves and the society the concealed racist realities of our history and racist institutions.


  1. Dave Paul

    The university is the epitome of hyper-segregated, white social space. The meager “diversity” curriculum (ie: women’s studies, hispanic studies, and african american studies departments) offered at most schools does little to mitigate this very real and very persistant problem. Unfortunately, us whites expend a lot of energy trying to insulate our psyches from coming to terms with our racist history. When we catch glimpses of this reality, say in the violent shooting at the Holocaust museum this past year, we throw our arms up in the air with, “Oh my! How can anyone be so evil?!” But the real question is, How can we ignore how our present positions (our comfortable lives, full of privileges and insulated white spaces and places) are born out of past and present oppression of others? How can we continue to teach our young schoolchildren the bogus myth of meritocracy? And what about our white-washed, utopian view of American history? When will we teach our young about the very real and very evil past to which we are all implicated? How can we continue to rely on a theoretically-sound yet realistically-vacuous global capitalist system that destroys the environment, rapes the labor and materials of other lands, and leaves our grandchildren destitute? How can we continue to ignore our own responsibility to look out for others as if they were our brothers (and sisters)?

    Really, we need more than anti-racist activism…. Sometimes I feel like we need an all-out revolution. We need another Civil Rights Movement to wake us up from our complacency. It’s time for my generation to stop thinking about the present and to start thinking about our collective future. But in order to do this, we need to first learn about our collective past…. And it seems that racial knowledge is all-but-lacking in the minds of privileged white youth like myself…..

  2. ellen says

    Dave Paul said: “And it seems that racial knowledge is all-but-lacking in the minds of privileged white youth like myself.”
    There’s also something else you can do besides just talking about the way Americans need to ignore their comfortable lives Dave. Please go work in the black public housing projects. My sister has been counseling young people in these projects and tutoring them with homework for 20 years. Are you willing to do this? Academic arguments are not enough.
    Dave also said: “When will we teach our young about the very real and very evil past to which we are all implicated?”
    How about asking”What do we do NOW?” and “Where do we go from HERE?” Just teaching young people about America’s Racially Conflicted past Will Not Help 2009’s Under-Privileged Children Make a Decent Living in 2020.
    Don’t you think more privileged white youth would make better use of their time working in public housing in a “hands-on” fashion, than engaging in mere rhetoric? My opinion is a profusion of posters on this site spend a tremendous amount of time discussing the shame America needs to confront about its past {which I’m not disputing regarding slavery of our black citizens} but I Never hear about anyone who actually 1. volunteers free legal service to poor blacks if you went to law school 2. volunteers your time to be a “Big Brother” to black fatherless kids 3. taught illiterate poor blacks to read pro bono 4. asked businesses to donate playground equipment etc for the public housing projects. I myself am a mentor to 3 black children in a junior high school where I live. I’d like your thoughts on this.

    I also don’t think this site should address Racism Exclusively in America since Millions of people are TODAY engaged in human trafficking and the practice of slavery in third world countries such as Africa, Thailand, and India. Please read about it on this site:

    Although is outlawed in nearly all countries, forms of slavery still exist.[2][3] Several estimates of the number of slaves in the world have been provided. According to a broad definition of slavery used by Kevin Bales of Free the Slaves (FTS), an advocacy group linked with Anti-Slavery International, there were 27 million people in slavery in 1999, spread all over the world.[102] In 2005, the International Labour Organisation provided an estimate of 12.3 million forced labourers in the world, [103]. Siddharth Kara has provided an estimate of 28.4 million slaves at the end of 2006 divided into the following three categories: bonded labour/debt bondage (18.1 million), forced labour (7.6 million), and trafficked slaves (2.7 million).[96] Kara provides a dynamic model to calculate the number of slaves in the world each year, with an estimated 29.2 million at the end of 2009.
    The weighted average global sales price of a slave is calculated to be approximately $340, with a high of $1,895 for the average trafficked sex slave, and a low of $40 to $50 for debt bondage slaves in part of Asia and Africa.[96]

    In Mauritania alone, it is estimated that up to 600,000 men, women and children, or 20% of the population, are enslaved with many used as bonded labour.[108][109] Slavery in Mauritania was criminalized in August 2007.[110]

    In Niger, slavery is also a current phenomenon. A Nigerien study has found that more than 800,000 people are enslaved, almost 8% of the population.[111][112][113] Pygmies, the people of Central Africa’s rain forest,[114] live in servitude to the Bantus.[115]

    Some tribal sheiks in Iraq still keep blacks, called Abd, which means servant or slave in Arabic, as slaves.[116] Child slavery has commonly been used in the production of cash crops and mining. According to the U.S. Department of State, more than 109,000 children were working on cocoa farms alone in Côte d’Ivoire (Ivory Coast) in “the worst forms of child labor” in 2002.[117]

    In November 2006, the International Labour Organization announced it will be seeking “to prosecute members of the ruling Myanmar junta for crimes against humanity” over the continuous forced labour of its citizens by the military at the International Court of Justice.[118][119] According to the International Labor Organization (ILO), an estimated 800,000 people are subject to forced labour in Myanmar.[120][121]


    Hi Ellen LOL
    I was wondering where you were? Yes, I’ve wrote several posts like Ron Paul, and another Intellect who wrote in different words then I, but as mentioned before, “I don’t have 3 letters by my last name, yet.”
    I agree with you about what’s going on in the different countries, but I really feel that we need to stay focused on this country.. And, what you suggested is true about working with “on a grunt” level with people. I don’t mean that in a sarcastic way, I meant that in a “reality” way…And, as you said to me before that nothing can take the place of “first hand life experience”. How true! So, I’ve been reading a lot and someone said that they needed this site to stay grass rooted with the “intellectuals” However, there has been many people encouraging me to write a book about some of my life experiences because it’s more real.. Weird thought isn’t it? I don’t know, but I do know one thing, I have dealt with “intellectuals” all my life, and I really don’t give two hoots about the person’s credentials. What I care about is how they are when it comes to some good old fashion humility along with life experience, of course.. I beginning to believe Ellen that you and I are more of a humanitarian kinda peoples. We fight for human rights of all people of all races. This site is for the minority people, however, I have to take a good look at some of the white children in this country that are suffering the same fate as the minority’s. Apparently, their whiteness is not working for them. I am not suggesting that what this new way of looking at racism is not true, but as mentioned several times before it does not apply to all white people/ human beings.. This is were I get a little confused. Maybe because of that “first hand experience”.. I asked “Seattle” before what are the solutions then Tim came back and was angry. Anyway, as mentioned before, people in general, usually will not take the time to understand another persons problems, unless it hits home, or there is something in it for them, and of course, if you are just interested in humanity as a whole. Thanks, MoM:)

  4. ellen says

    A Further Note on the Myanmar Junta’s Crimes Against Humanity Today. Myanmar is located in Southeast Asia.

    Even the Thais, not known to praise the Burmese lightly, have described the Myanmar Army as ‘skilled in the art of jungle warfare’.[7] However, due to dwindling recruitment, the military junta has been forcing enlistment of child soldiers into the army’s ranks.[8] According to human rights groups, the Myanmar Army has the world’s largest number of child soldiers.[9]

  5. MOM@Ellen

    I just listsened to this guyGreg Beck and he said that President OBAMA is calling for a National Civilians Police Force. I never heard of this guy Beck, but what he’s talking about is not what this country’s about. Maybe there will be another Cival Rights Movement, but it will have nothing to do with cultures. This is scary and dangerous stuff! Remember I’m in the front lines here. (2 major cities yikes!). MOM:)

  6. ellen says

    MOM Said: “I beginning to believe Ellen that you and I are more of a humanitarian kinda peoples. We fight for human rights of all people of all races. ”
    Absolutely! It hurts me thinking of those poor little kids in the Myanmar army digging trenches for the soldiers, just as much as it hurts me witnessing the problems black underprivileged American kids endure.

    According to a broad definition of slavery used by Kevin Bales of Free the Slaves (FTS), an advocacy group linked with Anti-Slavery International, there were 27 million people in slavery in 1999, spread all over the world. 27 MILLION PEOPLE!
    About this being scary times! God, Yes! I was talking to my neighbor recently and we were discussing the horrible notion {God help this country} that President Obama might be hurt/assassinated in this political environment. Psychotic! It would destroy the tentative grasp America now has on any hope of survival as a nation. I mean, that’s it folks. All over. And I live in a large city that’s literally half black/half white. So I’m on the front lines too. We’re talking a race war if anything happens to President Obama. Armaggedon.

  7. Seattle in Texas

    Dave Paul, I appreciate your comment because you don’t come across as being a white savior. Rather, a person who is genuinely concerned about taking responsibility for our past, present, and future with relation to all sides of white supremacy, including white privilege.

    But I wanted to pass on a suggestion for a reading you might be interested in, that was suggested to me from a most awesome prof. It’s: “The Origins of the Civil Rights Movement: Black Communities Organizing for Change” by Aldon D. Morris (1984). I think much change has to come from the approach you seem to be coming from if anything serious is going to intrinsically change within the white group at a collective level, and consequently other groups as a result. Whites can focus on oppression all they want, but it is disingenuous and hallow if they ignore their own white privilege. And others don’t really care or say they do, but are all condescending and take on a patriarchal or matriarchal approach to go help “them poor ole dumb people down there” then drive back to their nice homes, nice meals, etc., and worlds of white privilege where proper English is spoken and all that stuff that reflects the virtuous white world all people in the world are supposed to wish for, if they are to have any human value whatsoever. Many also go out and do things to make their CV’s longer, build their ego’s and careers, do their whole high brow whatever they do up there with it all…. There’s some good folks out there from all groups too.

    Anyway, just thought I’d say, great post.

  8. ellen says

    9:09 AM
    L. Jackson said:
    “This is also wrong on any level, THIS IS THE PRESIDENT OF OUR COUNTRY…he wants to talk to the lazy ass kids/parents about ‘doing community service’, about uniting, staying in school, get your education on….and parents reject what they won’t tell the kids?? They claim the man will come out with politics & right now that is in the front of all this…heaven forbid that the kid might actually learn to be a better person & think outside his parents views?”
    I copied this from another blog. It’s in regard to all the hoopla about Obama speaking in front of our school children? I have Never seen this happen in all the years I’ve been an American. In all the years I’ve been an American, presidents have always spoken encouraging words to kids regarding education, good citizenship etc. But some people have actually Made A Specious Case Against President Obama speaking to their Children. What?
    Lord have Mercy! I’ve said it before, I don’t know how President Obama puts up with this. I’d tell everybody to jump off the nearest dam! This is so disheartening. So sad.

  9. ellen says

    Seattle said: “and all that stuff that reflects the virtuous white world all people in the world are supposed to wish for”…” and then drive back to their nice homes, nice meals, etc”
    Gosh, I wonder why so many immigrants from Mexico risk their lives to come here then? I guess they all wish for All That Stupid Stuff that in the suburbs like nice house, nice meals etc..Ya know All That Honky Crap. How come black people in the Civil Rights movement made such a fuss about Equal Job Opportunities and Affirmative Action? I guess they wanted the nice house, nice meals too huh?
    Black people live two houses down from me in a beautiful house..have lived there for 20 years..they’re Real Happy with all the Amenities of living in a nice neighborhood..why wouldn’t they be? And now that we’re on the subject, where do you live?
    Wanting economic success is not a White Thing. Where are you getting this?
    Also, one of the reasons some Black Citizens criticize their own president Obama is cause he’s not helping “them poor ole dumb people down there” otherwise known as Under-privileged Blacks.
    This is from an article entitled “NAACP to Obama: We Want More!”

    When President Barack Obama takes the stage here Thursday night at the NAACP’s annual conference, he will be greeted by a base of black supporters who see him as the crowning achievement in the struggle for civil rights. Six months into his presidency, there are few signs that black support for Obama is softening.

    Yet, many are hoping to hear from Obama something that they have yet to hear—specific plans to address the black agenda. Obama’s broad approach to race has left some cold and has fueled the idea that he is punting on the issue and ignoring the specificity of the problems in the BLACK COMMUNITY {the caps are mine} where, for instance, the unemployment rate is nearly 15 percent, compared to 9 percent nationwide. {Gosh..I guess it’s not just a white thing to want money huh? Like the kind of money that buys you a nice house, nice meals etc.}

    They might be disappointed. White House aides said Obama will touch on the organization’s accomplishments, cast himself as a beneficiary, emphasize the need for personal responsibility and talk broadly about his domestic agenda, but not unveil any specific policy.

    NAACP President Benjamin Jealous praised Obama for several early steps in his presidency but said he wants to hear from Obama a commitment to ending discrimination in his remarks tonight, and a recognition of the work of the NAACP, celebrating its 100th anniversary.

    Read more:

  10. ellen says

    Seattle also said: “I appreciate your comment because you don’t come across as being a white savior. Rather, a person who is genuinely concerned about taking responsibility for our past, present, and future with relation to all sides of white supremacy, including white privilege. ”
    So lemme get this straight:
    1.helping kids in black housing projects is pretending to be a white savior and therefore to be discouraged.
    2. taking responsibility for our past white supremacy Conflicts with helping children in black housing projects.
    3. if you’re genuinely concerned about taking responsibility for our past, present and future race relations you should: a) Complain about white-washed history books b) While Refusing to Help Black Kids in Housing Projects cuz c) helping those children indicates your feeling of white superiority to the black kids. d) In other words, One should automatically Negate the Other.
    Got it! Cause Jeez, for a second there I actually thought your arguments didn’t make any sense.

  11. MOM@Seattle

    Like I said to Ellen.. All people from all race. I happen to live in a nice area and my neighborhood is a mixed bag. Asian, Black, and White. We all get a long very well, and my favorite neighbor, in fact, the only neighbor that I talk get into very deep conversations with happens to be an Ex Veteran who happens to be black. So, what we like each other a lot. Oh My, don’t tell anybody I might get thrown out of the secret club..
    @ Ellen the only thing that bothered me about the NAACP is when the President asked them to open it’s doors to Human Rights Groups and they came back and said NO! Also, I don’t think anything is going to happen to President Obama and there would be a lot of people upset not just the minorities. However, this BECK guy is suggesting that the Obama Administration is going to Police us like the did in Germany. Did you hear of this? Thanks, MOM

  12. ellen says

    Hey MOM:
    I actually searched the net for that remark that you stated Glenn Beck said. I couldn’t find it. However, I have no doubts he said it though cause he’s a real Right Wing Fruitcake. Many companies have pulled their air time off his program for his racist remarks against Obama.

    “Eight more companies — including Allergan, Ally Bank, Best Buy, Broadview Security, CVS, Re-Bath, Travelocity, and Wal-Mart — have agreed to stop advertising on Glenn Beck’s Fox News show. Their announcements are in response to a ColorOfChange campaign after Beck said that President Obama is a “racist” with “a deep-seated hatred for white people.” A total of 20 companies have now pulled their advertising.
    “We support vigorous debate, especially around policy issues that affect millions of Americans, but we expect it to be informed, inclusive and respectful, in keeping with our core values.”

  13. ellen says

    @ MOM:
    Also, I don’t have any criticism at all regarding the NAACP. I was just making the point to Seattle that helping under-privileged blacks is Part of Their Agenda also.
    So, why is Seattle treating whites who want to help with contempt? Like saying whites who help are doing it in a condescending manner? What is that? Help is help. The NAACP constantly makes requests for it already. Another Anti-White as I see it. Whites are damned {according to Seattle} if they help and damned if they don’t. Yawn.

  14. ellen says

    I have some thoughts on the phenomenon of wealthy black men’s affinity for blond white women. A perfect example is the wife of Tiger Woods: Elin Nordegren a former blond Swedish model. I mean, could she be Any More White?
    I think it’s insulting to many beautiful black women. It’s like black males saying, “If I could have anything I want, it would be a blond white model, not a sista.” What are the racial implications of this?

    The notion that once some Black men reach success they trade in a sister for a White woman was all too real for Angela Bassett’s character Bernadette in the 1996 movie “Waiting to Exhale.”
    In the film based on Terry McMillan’s best-selling book, Bernadette coped with her trampled heart by blazing some of her husband’s prized possessions. After 11 years of helping her husband build his dream career, she found herself replaced, sending a message to many women to always look out for self and be prepared for the unknown.
    Any thoughts on this? Have black men also been brain-washed into believing that white women are more attractive than black women?

  15. MOM@Ellen

    I LOVE that movie!! I have also watched every movie and play written by “Tyler Perry”. I don’t know Ellen, but in reality, I feel , some of these men get these women, I think, more like a trophy, has nothing to do with love. There are a lot of other singers and actors that have married out of culture. Maybe these guys know that the women of their culture would not put up with any of their “s***”.LOL
    Regarding: NAACP I don’t have a criticism just don’t understand, but at least the President tried.
    Regarding: Glen Beck- He’s scary. I must do some more research about this guy.
    @ Seattle- Don’t think for one minute that I don’t know what your talking about.. I have seen first hand how some of white people behave, and I am starting to look at them through different eyes. However, I’ve got to say, there are a lot of white children that are suffering that’s all. And, that’s another zero tolerance that I have..

  16. MOM@Ellen

    Ellen, I was wondering did you hear of what’s going on in the school systems, about how some people don’t want their children listsening to the President’s back to school speech? What the HE## is going on with the American people.. We cannot blame the Republicans for this they don’t have that much control over the minds of the many Americans, which brings me to the topic of right and left wings.

    The Eagle is the symbol of America. The wings on the eagle represent the Gov. and the poeple. When one wing is out of balance that means either the people or the Gov. has too much control. In other words, let’s say the right wing is out of balance that means that there is tyranny inflicted on the people from the Gov., and if the left wing is out of balance then that means the people are in anarchy towards to Gov. At least this is my understanding, regarding, the Eagle and what it stands for, which makes good sense. However, I am, greatly concerned about how the American people and how the Gov. are acting today. I personally feel it’s a disgrace about people not wanting their children to listsen to the “President of the Unitied States of America’s” speech.. What’s up with all this? Thanks, MOM

  17. ellen says

    Hey Mom! I addressed the public school Obama speech in post # 10 above. I think it’s truly bizarre. As I mentioned in the post, ever since I can remember, presidents have addressed school children in regard to 1.good citizenship 2.serving your country in a capacity of ways 3. staying in school etc. Why the fuss about Obama’s address? People claim this is an attempt to brainwash/indoctrinate elementary children with his political propaganda. What! All the former presidents have done this with no antagonism. Utter nonsense.
    Honestly Mom, this has got to be a crystal clear case of racism. Nothing else explains it. I started the post , by the way, with somebody else’s quotation who also addressed the “Why all the animosity?” issue.
    Joe stated that he’s never seen the country like this since the Civil Rights Movement. I agree. Interesting, that we both joined this blog at a huge Racial Juncture in American history. I have a feeling things will get much worse before they get better.
    In fact, Dave Paul on post #2 above said:

    “Really, we need more than anti-racist activism…. Sometimes I feel like we need an all-out revolution. We need another Civil Rights Movement to wake us up from our complacency.”
    It’s like the country is mobilizing for a race war. This is not what we need now. I think the Republicans need to see that their tactics to disparage Obama could result in literally tearing this nation apart. I pasted this from another website regarding Rush Limbaugh claiming a race war is approaching.

    “Crossposted at

    Projection is king among Conservatives now a days.

    We know how it works by now.

    That’s why it doesn’t work anymore.

    And that’s why you won’t be winning anymore elections anytime soon, Rush.

    Better get used to it.

    Oh, that’s right, you are the fighting the class war, and your side is winning by a lot, Rush, and now your hoping for a race war to pit the white people who are not millionaires against the non-white people who are not millionaires, and hopefully somehow this can be a victory for John McCain.

    So, you can’t win elections, and now you want a race war, a revolution?

    Bring it on!

    We danced this dance before. The Confederacy lost. You want a fresh one?”
    My opinion, Mom, this is insanity times 10. Everybody needs to calm down and resort to reason, because any type of “war” results in wounds that take decades to heal. Not to mention it would leave our country vulnerable in a defense strategy against other countries. During the Civil War, we were extremely vulnerable to attacks from other countries {most probably England} because we were too busy slaughtering each other. Lincoln was well aware of this.
    Calm Down People!

  18. MOM@Seattle

    @ Ellen thank you for the insight. I was wondering why guns sales have gone up. Well all I have to say is that I am very greatful that I was raised with six boys LOL Thanks, MOM:O)

    @Seattle, stop with the insults please!!!!Let me tell you something about the NORTHERN people just because I’ve been ignoring your posts about we YANKESS does not mean that they go unnoticed..However, believe it or not, you are probably debating for whatever reason with one of the nicer ones. There are a lot of pissed off blue bloods walking around and proably would not take the insults to kindly. I am however able to talk to them about this new way of looking at racism, so if I were you ,I’d think twice before you keep insulting me because of my National Origin. Something, you southerner’s are famous for doing, and that has been my experience. And, another thing, just because this topic must hit home with you, or your getting something out of this besides “human hood” ,or maybe better yet ,making somekind of mark for yourself ;then believe me when I tell you this; just maybe , there happen to be people out there that care for other peoples human needs. Shocking I know, but ture.. So Quite please maybe YOU could learn something, as well.

  19. ellen says

    Seattle Said: “As long as we all have nice people who care so much about others, the society, the nation, etc., everything will be okay for everybody and the nation all over will continue to be just like Disneyland.”
    I totally disagree..I think it will be ‘even nicer’ than Disneyland!
    However, as long as we have sarcastic, caustic, naive, spoiled, totally silly people like you {wanting money for nice homes and nice meals is a White Thing? Oh please get real!} everything will indeed come to a stand-still.
    Instead of offering solutions {corney but true Ms. Seattle} you’re having too much fun sticking your tougue out at whitey whether they’re racists or not, and assigning blame to capitalism Just For the Sake of Being Rebellious. Candidly, you sound like a Very Young naive person still in your rebellious-against-Mommy-and-Daddy period. Cuz the Only People in the world who scoff at living a comfortable life, hon, is THE ONES WHO’VE ALWAYS LIVED A COMFORTABLE LIFE. I’m right aren’t I? Fess up!

  20. MOM@Ellen

    @ Ellen, I just checked out Rush’s site. He’s a talk show conservative. He had some Rep. on his site talking about the house of Represent. There are 17 women, 4 hispanics, 0 Black, 1 Asian, I think, and the rest are white southern and mid west MEN. DAM! Really some pretty interesting stuff huh? This Beck guy is the one who has me bothered. I didn’t see anything pertaining to a revolution, however, it would take more then just words from a talk show host to start one don’t you think? Anyway, hope talk goes well for Obama and the back to school students. MOM:)

  21. MOM@Ellen

    Elle n, I had to travel to the southern states and I had only had one station on my TV. It happend to be a news station and they were talking about these “Tea Party”? I don’t think they have them here yet? Anyway, these people want to impeach Obama, Why? I know this sounds silly, but I don’t like the news or talk radio..I have different interests like the arts. However, this site has been very educational indeed. I checked out another blog, but the people there are brutal except for 1, but I’m getting a little annoyed with the insults, so I stayed away. Anyway, I’ll just keep reading..Share you thoughts with me if you would. What the He## are Tea Party’s Thanks, MOM:)

  22. MOM@Ellen

    I think Seattle is a MAN only because of some the the words he uses to express himself..I know women that live in the “projects that would not talk that way even if they were hidden behind a computer screen. LOL As far as being young ,I suspect maybe late twenties mid thirties.. Has a family, and works at a college. Who really cares, but his insults really are the kickker. I would think that as a human hood person he would show a little more tolerance with people that didn’t know the topic as well. I do know one thing ,he truly dislikes suburban white people. And truth be told they probably would think he was a radical.. Thank God or at least I don’t think he does speaking commitments. I just got goose bumps at the thought.

  23. ellen says

    @ MOM:
    Apparently Seattle is a woman. She just wrote on the Sick Heil Thread:

    Seattle in Texas Says:
    September 6th, 2009 at 3:32 pm
    “Just wanted to let folks know, as if it’s important or relevant, that I am not a male…I came back to apologize to those who I respect on here who may have thought or perceived otherwise….”
    I uh..don’t think we are one of the people that Ms Seattle respects. lol. We always give her too much grief about her ‘I just want to watch the world burn’ posts. However, how can we know for sure? Good point. She/he can claim to be anything, including an alien from Jupiter. I agree that this person comes on very strong with a masculine approach and word usage. I just assumed he was a man.
    The remark about living in a nice house and wanting nice meals is a white thing was extremely revealing. Please Explain to Me Who in Any country on this planet {especially third world citizens living in dire poverty, who eat rats to survive, drink filty disease-infected water, and sleep on a dirt floor with insects crawling all over them} wouldn’t literally sacrifice a limb to live in a clean home in a safe neighborhood and eat ‘nice meals’ in America? Are you completely oblivious to reality Seattle?
    Seattle said: “and all that stuff that reflects the virtuous white world all people in the world are supposed to wish for, if they are to have any human value whatsoever. ” Living in a disease free environment with food in your stomach has nothing to do with being’s called SURVIVAL. And “all people in the world” do wish for it!
    These are the thoughts of a person who has been comfortable all his/her life..and then sits back and spits at these comforts because He Takes Them For Granted. Live for a month in a Thailand slum, in an old putrid, stinking cardboard box, with a rodent for a bed-partner, and raw sewage right outside your cozy box Seattle. Then come back and tell us how ‘Stupid” it is to yearn for a cleaner, healthier, more comfortable environment.
    Yeah.. this is the voice of a pampered college student who yells, “I hate American Whites and American Suburbs!” while driving Mommy’s BMW to the country club. It’s all the voice of an extremely innocent in the ways of the world person.
    I’ll talk about tea parties tomorrow Mom cause I’ve got to get some sleep. Work awaits tomorrow. Later! Ellen.

  24. MOM@Ellen

    Off to study the topic of Globalization..I let ya know what I find out.
    AHHH!! The plot thickens for the sinister souls of the simple minded fools. Thanks, Mom:)


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