Bronx Rally to End Discrimination in Health Care

Driving the point of my previous video post home, is another one. This is a short clip (3:33) from a rally in the Bronx just last summer (’08) to end the racial and economic discrimination in health care . Listen for the stats on the disparities in mortality:


  1. AgMarine

    I would have to say, this video lack logical follow through to make me think that these people have bad health coverage because they are black. That politician speaking on the steps can holler about race and white babies getting better treatment than black babies, but that’s only in order to stir up emotions in a less well educated group of frustrated people. They’re being black is what’s preventing them from getting good healthcare, but it because they didn’t take advantage of educational opportunities to get ahead and take care of themselves and their families. Humans have a lot of needs: a home, transportation, clothes, food, the govt should just stick to providing good educational opportunities to everyone, and let them take care of their own problems on their own.

  2. MoM@AgMarine

    Welcome AgMarine!
    This site is for people who want to learn the meaning of anit-racism..I found it to be a very complex understanding, regarding, racism myself. However, your statement about preventing black babies from getting good healthcare, because they didn’t take advantage of edcuation and opportunities to get ahead, may be true, but being from the North I find that there are a lot educated black people that do better then some of the whites. Anyway, in all fairness, I had to do some history back track on the topic, and up until the 1960’s black people were extremely oppressed, but what I found to be interesting, regarding, that culture, is that they have come a long way in a short period of time….I don’t know what part of the county your from. So, hold on to your hat, because your in for one hell of a ride. Thanks, Mom:)

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