Making Plans: SSSP, ASA in SF and Various Other Initials

I’m dashing off to the airport this morning for the national meetings in San Francisco.  First, I’ll be attending SSSP and presenting some of my research on cyber racism there.   Then, I’m organizing a panel at ASA.  If you’re around, please make a point to drop in on this important and interesting thematic session:

Feminism(s) 2.0: Gender, Sexuality, Race, and Community in Cyberspace
Unit: Thematic Sessions
Scheduled Time: Sun, Aug 9 – 2:30pm – 4:10pm, Building: Parc 55 Hotel
Panelists:  Judy Wajcman, Saskia Sassen, Elizabeth Friedman, Wendy Christiansen, Discussant: France Winddance Twine, Organizer: Jessie Daniels.

And, more informally, I’ll be hanging out at the book exhibit a lot and plan to crash this blogger party on Sunday evening.  So, if you spot me (or my name badge!), say hello.  You can also @ me via Twitter (@JessieNYC).  In the meantime, Joe will be holding down the blogging here and taking a break from the meetings to celebrate his 50th wedding anniversary ~ congratulations!


  1. Seattle in Texas

    Well, I’m still stuck close enough to what people call the “armpit” of Texas (suffocating humidity…), so I hope the West Coast air is pleasant! And congratulations to Joe, his wife, and his family on the anniversary! Very neat

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