Commercial Images: Visual Racism from the Past and Present

Over at Slate, David Segal has posted a useful slide show of blatantly racist commercial images, mostly from the past, for African, Asian, Latino, and Native Americans. Uncle Ben, Aunt Jemima, and the racist Native American images used by baseball teams today are there.03_AuntJ

If you have not seen these, or your students or friends have not seen them, do check them out. This slide show should be of substantial use to you for teaching purposes.


  1. Dave Paul

    Its amazing how they sent Aunt Jemima “look-a-likes” all around the country for publicity and trade shows. It was really a big marketing campaign. What is fascinating is how Black Americans protested her image from the start, but the profits they made from milking the Mammy stereotype to white consumers trumped any regard for their black compatriots.


  1. Racist Caricatures Through the Years : Asian-Nation : Asian American News, Issues, & Current Events Blog

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