Racism Link Roundup

Every once in awhile, I spend the morning surfing around the web, like you do, and read a bunch of juicy blogs about racism and think to myself, “Gee, I wish I’d written that.”  Rather than succumb to blog-related despair, I collect the best links about racism from around the web and post them here, for you dear reader.   This is the latest juicy-blog-link roundup:

Enjoy the roundup!   Feel free to add links in the comments of anything I missed.


  1. Joe

    One central finding in the framing and psych literatures is that the more you repeat something, the more it gets imbeded deeply in the neural circuits of the brain. That is what Sedaris-type comedians do. By repeating racist stuff they help drill it into brains of all ages. That seems to be missing even in this good article. And that also shows the flaw in the liberal defenses of comedic and other supposedly non-racist uses of the N-word. Repeat it, you buy it.

  2. mordy

    On a loosely related note, it is rather sad that this still makes new, but it is probably worthy to point out that xerox today announced that Ursala Burns, a female african-american, has been named their new CEO


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