1. Chelsea L.

    After watching that video I feel like many people would just laugh and brush off what he is saying as a joke. Most of his jokes come down to race; however, I think that there is a deeper message that comes from that video. First, when he is talking about white collar jobs and shows the videos it is all based off of men. This just shows when people think of jobs or working it is assumed to be a male and yet there are many women who are successful and have great jobs. Second, it also shows that men “should” be working in order to provide and be a part of a “man’s” role in society. They continue to then talk about how to dress. Larry says how he is dressed appropriately because he looks like the President because he is African American, but how the Jon Stewart is dressed poorly because he looks like an accountant and is not African American. There are constant comments throughout the video that deal with race and gender that are stereotypical, and I think that if we continue to talk like that and make jokes about it these messages will continue in the coming years. It would be better to make videos that pertain to the way things are today in a positive way such as the success of both men and women and society and not about what race someone is or what their role is.

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