More on the Grant Case: More Police Racism or Brutality?

The San Francisco Chronicle has a revealing update involving a newly discovered video of the beating and killing of Mr. Grant by BART officers: (Photo: facebook)

The cell phone video…shows a male BART police officer walking over to three men lined up against a wall near a female officer, and then striking one in the face…. It appears that the officer who punches the man is the same person who later is seen kneeling on Grant’s head when he was shot. … He and the other officers present at the time of Grant’s shooting all remain on paid administrative leave. . . . Police investigators have said Grant put up a brief struggle with officers but was restrained and had both arms behind his back when he was shot.

A local law school professor and researcher on the police, Peter Keane, has suggested that

the video shows a “vicious, unprovoked and inexcusable assault” by the other police officer that should be prosecuted and that seems to have set off events that led to the shooting. “With that powerful punch, he slams Mr. Grant in the side of his head and knocks him down even though it doesn’t appear Grant is doing anything but talking – maybe he is mouthing off but there was no physical provocation.”

This case is being investigated, and hopefully this is a serious investigation (many are not nationally) and it certainly appears like the classic case of police brutality, and as Jessie and I noted before the data show that almost all cases of serious police brutality involve men of color as targets and white officers are overwhelmingly the perpetrators.