Some Notable Dates in Decolonization: Kenya

There are some interesting dates to note today, given that our first black president has a Kenyan father:

December 12, 1963 – The African colony of Kenya gains its independence from the colonial power, United Kingdom.

December 12, 1964 – Prime Minister Jomo Kenyatta becomes the first President of the Republic of Kenya.

Is it odd that the mass media has shown so little interest in the Kenyan background of our president-elect? Is Africa still the “dark continent” (the old racist, colonialist term), for the mainstream media? Will this change with our new president coming into office?

And, by the way, Barack Obama will be officially elected as president only as of next Monday when our highly undemocratic institution, the electoral college, which was bestowed on us mostly by white slaveholders in 1787, meets to vote.


  1. Seattle in Texas

    In the event that Obama somehow were not to officially be announced president on Monday…the politicians should be totally punished and tortured with the worst disco music ever until they correct the announcement (with the exception of ABBA since I had told another person I would publicly admit to liking them too, since he feared risking his street credibility with such an admission). Seriously? Riots would likely break out…be positive peoples!

    And because the media will likely inevitably fail to educate the U.S. population about Kenyan history, I am sure this website will continue to do so for those who come to this website.

    (And an unrelated side note for any Democrats in Texas Senate District 17—not done, vote for Christ Bell on 12/16 and spread the word to fellow and madam Democratic voters—keep working towards turning your state Blue—instead of “Howdy Damn It!”, “Perseverance Damn It!” 😀 )


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