Blatantly Racist Responses to Obama’s Victory

The Vanity Fair website has a short article by Bill Bradley (H/T. Jessie) listing probable racist incidents across the country, especially in the smaller cities and rural areas. These are of the white supremacist type and come from many different sources, such as these (they list others):

In Midland, Michigan a man paraded through an intersection in a KKK robe. [MLive]

A noose was hung from a tree at Baylor University. [Baylor Lariat]

In Loxahatchee, Florida, a family home was covered in racist graffiti. []

In Stokes County, N.C., a man crossed his flag with a black X and hung it upside down. [Winston-Salem Journal]

In Apolacon Township, Pennsylvania an interracial couple who supported Obama found a burned cross in their yard. [Star-Gazette]

In Mount Desert Island, Maine black effigies were hung from nooses. [Bangor Daily News]

Will these incidents increase over the next year? There certainly is a lot of violent talk on various open websites across the web. And why do mainstream media ignore often violence-oriented white supremacist stuff? Clearly, this racist outburst does not fit their “ending of racism” and “healing the racial divide” versions of the white racial frame.

The derelict mainstream media also mostly ignore the data showing landslide votes against Senator Obama in states like Mississippi, Alabama, Texas, Georgia and much of the South among whites, especially white men. (Only nine percent of white male voters there voted for Obama; some 90 percent voted for McCain!) Why so few votes for Obama from white workers in much of the South, many of whom have economic interests in line with Obama’s economic plans?

The Washington Post accents this meme:

Can he be not only the president of the United States but also the racial healer that many in the country clearly believe him to be? It’s a tough task for one man.

Tough, indeed. In spite of such media implications and explicit calls for Obama to “heal the racial divide,” Obama’s election along obviously cannot end blatant white racism–or the much more common covert and subtle white racism that is everyday-ness across the United States. Only aggressive civil rights law enforcement (which would be new for this country) and continuing antiracist organization has a chance of doing that. And that does require national awareness of it, and attention to it.