Faux News, Real Racism

The folks at “Faux News” are at it again in this current display of gendered racism that is beyond unacceptable.  In a story about Michelle Obama, they referred to her as “Obama’s Baby Mama.”   This is real racism and not just “poor judgment” as one VP at Fox said in a statement.   Ironically enough, this is the same network that gave us Tony Snow, who rather famously (or, infamously) said that “racism doesn’t exist anymore.”  Well, it certainly seems to at Fox News.   Pam Spaulding calls this one like it is when she writes:

It’s high time that Fox News just stop with the pussyfooting around with these  games and run the more direct “nigger” on any Chyron running over video of the Obamas.

Not only is the reference racist, of course, sexism is deeply embedded in this statement as well.  As Echidne explains, the term “baby mama” is a sexist slur and this latest move by Fox News is:

The anticipated mix of racism and sexism. The hint that Michelle and Barack are not legally married, that theirs is not a “real” family.

Really, someone should pull Fox News’ FCC license.  This is unconscionable.


  1. I agree that the comments on Fox News were racist and entirely inappropriate, but I do want to point out that cable channels like Fox News don’t have FCC licenses. They distributors of content work out deals with individual cable operators who determine what goes over the wires. Local franchise agreements may dictate what some operators may carry, but for the large part cable content is not regulated.

  2. Jessie Author

    Clearly, Fox doesn’t need to recruit KKK members as consultants since they seem to be re-tooling that rhetoric just fine on their own. And, thanks McChris, you’re 100% correct and I realized my mistake some time after I’d hit the “publish” button and headed out for the evening. Apparently, I was having some sort of 1950s, broadcast media flashback. 😉

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