Civil Disobedience Planned for NYC Today

A series of acts of civil disobedience in response to the verdict in the Sean Bell case are planned throughout New York City today.  While there have been protests all along in this case (like the one in December, pictured here, from Joe Holmes via Flickr), the protests today are unusual because they are happening simultaneously at six locations in Manhattan and Brooklyn.   Described as a “pray-in,” protesters will kneel in pray in the streets to stop traffic during the evening rush hour traffic, and many plan to be arrested.   Rev. Al Sharpton and members of his organization, the National Action Network, are leading the protests aimed at demanding federal authorities bring civil rights charges against the officers in the Sean Bell case. The three officers were acquitted of all charges last month. NYPD and local news channels are expecting large crowds, and I will be there among all the others who are outraged at the taken-for-granted violence against black and brown people in this city.    And, Carol Taylor, said she will be there.  She’s quoted by a local news source saying:

“I was America’s first black flight attendant. I’m 76 and a half years old and I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired.”

Similar protests are  planned around the U.S., such as this one in Atlanta.  If you’re in the New York area, it’s time to get out, show up and demand a stop to police brutality.  If you’re outside New York, find a protest near you and join in.  Or, organize your own.

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