New York City Pays for Employment Discrimination

New York City has agreed to pay more than $20 million to settle a federal class-action lawsuit charging that the Department of Parks and Recreation systematically discriminated against black and Hispanic employees in awarding jobs and setting salaries, according to the New York Times.   The details should sound familiar to anyone’s who knows about racial discrimination.  Reports are that under Henry J. Stern,  the long-serving commissioner of the Parks Department, routinely rewarded a “coterie of inexperienced white workers with plum assignments at the expense of experienced black and Hispanic employees.” In addition, white employees earned more than black and Hispanic workers performing the same jobs, and those who complained faced punishments like being reassigned to dusty basement desks or to an office far from home.

Mayor Bloomberg is, according to the Times article, “eager to move beyond the accusations of discrimination.”   The mayor also used the sort of distancing rhetoric so frequently used by white liberals when he says:

“It was something that took place a long time ago, and I think we are satisfied that our procedures today in that department and I think in all departments do not discriminate against anybody.”

In this instance, a “long time ago” is 1999.   I doubt seriously that it seems like ancient history to the 3,500 employees involved in the class action suit.


  1. Seattle in Texas

    I just wanted to quickly say that the suggestion on the Liberals who too often suggest Racism is something of the past is quite fair and a strong criticism of the Left. And to me twenty million seems as though it is on the more conservative end with relation to a settlement for this type of discrimination…but at least the settlement was won.

    But on another note with relation to Liberals, racism being something of the past, etc., I wanted to attach something on the politics in Texas and Obama—as I had suggested earlier, I have seen Republicans down here who have jumped the fence, which is fascinating from a non-Texan perspective. But here’s an article for those who are interested and may not have read it on some Republicans who are voting for Obama, which Obama has called: “Obamacans” and he is very pleased to have their votes (Republican votes from anywhere). In this article there is a brief video as well that addresses the “Liberals” and I couldn’t help but think of the divide between Liberals with relation to views on racism. Again, down here I am seeing Democrats who seem to be planning to cross over to the Republican side if Clinton loses and Republicans who are standing behind Obama. Back home the Independents tend to be those who were fed up with the Democratic Party and down here they seem to be Republicans who are fed up with the Republican Party—yet the commonality between both most generally seems to be support for Obama and what he stands for politically. So, it’s nice to see some rivals, even if there is not complete agreement on many issues, to find a common ground! While I have yet to meet an Independent (Red or Blue) who would suggest racism is not problematic today (not that it’s not there—I just haven’t seen it yet), many representing the Liberal (Democratic/Left) environment back home do honestly believe racism is something of the past. If only they were right…but here’s the Obamacan link for those interested:

    Oh and to voters in Texas! Vote early or on voting day, March 4th!!! Also, plan to attend your local caucus at 7:00 a.m. Tuesday morning and remember the doors shut at 7:15 a.m.

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