International Racism Roundup

I’ve collected a few snippets about racism beyond the U.S. through the Google news aggregator. Here’s a brief international racism roundup:

  • Johannesburg.  White students at University of Free State made a  video, widely condemned as racist, of black workers made to perform degrading acts by white students. The home-made film, described as “shocking and disgusting”,  shows five laughing black workers taking part in a number of activities, including eating meat that had been urinated on.  The workers appeared to have been duped into participating in the video.  The white students involved in making the video were reportedly ‘protesting’ a new university policy that would integrate black and white students in more campus residences.  Protests against the video have followed.   More here.
  • Manchester. Sangram Singh Bhacker, a Sikh man, won a racial discrimination suit against the Manchester police department.  Bhacker, who lives in Manchester, had been trying to join his local police department but was turned down over a dozen times in the span of 18 years, despite his experience serving on five other police forces in the UK.  In refusing his application, the head of personnel wrote, “I am not prepared to consider you as a potential transferee with the GMP now or in the future.”  In the decision by the governing tribual, they said “Our conclusion is the respondent discriminated against the claimant on the basis of his ethnic origin.”   More here. 
  • Toronto.  Once a great multicultural city, Toronto is now being threatened by a prevailing white supremacist racist establishment, according to Joe T. Darden, Professor of Geography at Michigan State University.  Darden contends that Toronto faces a growing culture of violence, primarily manifested in Toronto black communities, because a racist white establishment seeks to prevent equal access to educational and employment opportunities.  Terrific, and notably different-than-the-U.S., write up here by a progressive news outlet in Canada.