ACLU Releases Report: “U.S. Racism Swept Under Rug”

In April, 2007 the U.S. government submitted a required report to the United Nations’ Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination (CERD). That report, according to the ACLU, amounted to a “whitewash” (interesting turn-of-phrase) that minimized the ongoing and dramatic effects of widespread racial and ethnic discrimination in this country. So, yesterday, the ACLU released their own report, detailing this discrimination. The 215-page ACLU report, called “RACE & ETHNICITY IN AMERICA: TURNING A BLIND EYE TO INJUSTICE,” is available here.

A couple of additional sources from Michigan, Massachusetts, and Common Dreams. You’ll note that the analysis here gets increasingly DIY as the end-of-semester tasks pile up. šŸ˜‰