Quick Tour of News from Jena, La.

There’s a bit of news on the blogs today from Jean, Louisiana.  I imagine there will be a lot more tomorrow.  For now, here’s  quick tour of what’s out there.

Boo Goo Doo Boom  has a great image posted on his site, writes this to go with the image:

Get up and stand up for your rights. Thousands have descended upon Jena, Louisiana today to deliver a message to the entire world – Justice for ALL.

Tip of the hat to Rap Up for pointing me over there, and to Writers Block:

Me and my homie were trying to plan the trip to Jena but we waited last minute to really plan things out. But when we mapquested the directions and found out Jena was about 9 hours from Atlanta, we pretty much fell back on making the drive last night. Still, I’m rocking my black tee in support of the cause and I hope you’re rocking black today too.

And a few white liberal bloggers got into the action as well, including John Edwards, the ACLU, and HRC.  And, lots of interesting stuff on YouTube.com if you search using “Jena.”   I’ll post one the best in the video archive tomorrow.

More analysis tomorrow.

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