1. The Message of Occupy Wall Street: Return to Social Justice

    Tweet “We are the 99 percent” – a message powerful in its simplicity and its call for renewed social justice. The Occupy movement took on new dimensions on Wednesday as protesters moved beyond marches and …

  2. Racism in 2011: A Year End Review

    What will you do in 2012 contribute to the struggle for racial justice?

  3. Does Capitalism = Systemic Racism?

    Tweet Over at the Village Voice website the provocative African American critical theorist and savvy analyst of U.S. society, Greg Tate, offers “Top 10 Reasons Why So Few Black Folk Appear Down To Occupy Wall …

  4. White Supremacy and White Patriarchy in Today’s Poland

    TweetThe fact that racism combines with sexism to deepen the oppression faced by Black women has been emphasized by many authors, including such seminal African American intellectuals as Angela Davis, bell hooks and Audre Lorde. …

  5. White Supremacy and Property Rights: Tamir Rice and the Oregon Standoff

    Anne Bonds and Joshua Inwood examine white property rights as a cornerstone of white supremacy in both the case of Tamir Rice and the Oregon standoff.

  6. No Indictment in Eric Garner Case

    TweetOn July 17, 2014 Eric Garner was approached by NYPD officers on a street in Staten Island. The NYPD suspected Garner of selling untaxed cigarettes, not in packs or cartons, known as “loosies”, a violation …

  7. Racial Inequality and “Meritocracy”: A Closer Look

    Tweet Two weeks ago I had the pleasure of meeting the nation’s only black four- star general , William E. Ward. His forty year career spanned work in the Middle East, Africa where he was …


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