Racism Keeps Us from Seeing Each Other as Fully Human

Connor and Brandon Moore, ages 4 and 2, are believed to be Hurricane Sandy’s youngest victims. They were swept out of their mother’s arms by the storm.

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When I first heard reports of this story, I couldn’t make sense of it. The news reports said that the boys’ mother, Glenda Moore, had been “denied refuge.”  Why would this happen? How could this happen?

Then, reports came that their mother – the woman asking for refuge from the storm – was black (the boys’ father is white but wasn’t there).  And, then the story seemed to come into a horrible kind of focus, that implicated racism.

This story is being compared to the infamous ‘Kitty Genovese’ story from years ago in New York – when a young woman was stabbed to death and her neighbors did nothing to help. The not-often-told part of that story is that Kitty Genovese was a lesbian, and that’s part of why her neighbors didn’t call police on her behalf.  Her status as an ‘Other’ (lesbian) made her seem less-than-human to her neighbors.

This week, in Staten Island – the ‘fifth borough’ – people there, if reports are accurate, were blinded to the humanity of a mother and her two young sons because of racism.

Ultimately, racism blinds us to our shared humanity, keeps up from seeing each other as fully human, and in need of each others’ help. This time it cost two young lives, and we are all little less for it.


  1. TheGreekOwl

    You know, it could be just me and the place I live in, but I can’t really find any evidence that the people who refused her shelter were racist in any way. They were simply being assholes, as well as penetrating the Bystander effect. Again, I don’t know how things go in America, it could be just me and the place I live in were everybody is a fucking asshole that won’t help you regardless of ethnicity, age or gender, but I am pretty sure those people would have done the same to a white woman. Screw those people, if you don’t bother to help your fellow human being, you shouldn’t receive any help either.

    Also, the Kitty Genovese story is a inaccurate most of the time. Lets disregard the fact that the events of that day were different that how it was portrayed in the news (Few people heard Kitty long enough to realize something was going wrong, there were no bystanders watching her getting murdered, half way through the chase the killer stabbed her in the lungs thus she couldn’t scream. etc etc), I can’t find any evidence that suggest that Kitty got killed or didn’t receive help in time because she was a Lesbian.

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