1. cordoba blue

    Reminds me of the movie White Chics starring Marlon Wayans and Shawn Wayans. White people make fun of black people, but there’s plenty of material in white psychology that’s cringe-worthy.
    “ she like says..ok like..that outfit doesn’t GO with your hair. And I’m like… major offended, ya know..MAJOR!”
    “ he comes to pick me up in this old car..and I’m like thinking..there is NO WAY I am going to my Dad’s country club in That!”
    “I know two black girls who live in my dorm..and they’re like really nice. I mean they’re black..put they’re not like..ya know..ghetto black..or anything..they’re just people!”

  2. Brandon P.

    She even has the white female accent down. šŸ˜€

    I was reminded by this blog post over at Racialicious which points out the hostility black female characters on TV often receive from predominantly white female viewers:

    I found QuietDame’s comment, which mentions the particular hatred white women show towards black female characters who are paired up with white male leads especially interesting.

  3. Joe

    And on a related issue of white-black exchange, Chauncy de Vega has a very interesting comment on the interactions of a white woman and a black woman over the former’s fondness for the highly racist movie, Gone with the Wind —

    Ignorance and lack of effort to find the truth are essential to perpetuation of the old white racial frame.

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