Cuéntame: Award Winner for Most Racist Ad 2010

The 2010 midterm elections have distinguished themselves for the torrent of racist ads produced by political candidates and their campaign staff. In order to counter this, the Cuéntame the ¡Latino Instigators! are highlighting this ad as the ‘most racist’ ad for 2010:

Cuéntame has done some expert work around combatting racism in the media. They were part of the effort to remove Lou Dobbs from CNN for his immigrant-bashing rhetoric. And, in April of this year, launched the “Do I look illegal campaign?” in protest against Arizona’s anti-immigration law. If you’d like to support the work of Cuéntame , you can connect with them on Facebook.


  1. Joe

    I have just been reading Tali Mendenberg’s 2001 book, the Race Card, where she argues that the old openly racist themes used in political ads back before Nixon (and esp. in the 1860s-1950s era) have disappeared and been replaced by a new accent on racial equality in overt US politics–with racist framing only seen now implicitly in ads that are not openly racist. These current racist ads indicate that argument was premature. Openly racist ads, clearly, are back in force, if they ever disappeared.

  2. Lxy

    Here’s more on racist American political ads.

    Campaign racism is a proud bipartisan American tradition. From the Liberal Democrats to the Conservative Republicans.

    It’s pathetic as it is predictable.

    China Emerges as a Scapegoat in Campaign Ads

    Breathtakingly Racist Anti-Chinese Political Ad

    Campaign Demonization of China Means Chinese Americans Will Face Hostility


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