Frontiers of Racism: Anti-Immigrant Bigotry

Many times, those who defend the anti-immigrant movement do so by denying any connection to racism. This short (6:48) video from The Center for New Community explores the connections between anti-immigrant bigotry, immigration, and African Americans in the United States:

This video (h/t @NativismWatch) makes a connection between contemporary anti-immigration bigotry particularly against Mexicans and Mexican Americans, which seems to be growing, and historical, institutional racism against African Americans.


  1. Joe

    Whites operate out of a very old white racial frame that is pro-white (virtuous whites) and anti-black and and anti-Indian in its earliest versions. It has used much of that framing for each subsequent group of color exploited and subjugated in US society. Whites are usually not very original in their racist framing of new groups , and keep re-using many of the old racist images, stereotypes, emotions, narratives, etc, from the white racial frame.


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