Would this get the NRA to Support Gun Control?

Over at TheRoot, Joel Dreyfuss, managing editor, made this statement about gun organization this last week:

I’m starting a new organization, and I’m inviting all African Americans to join. It will be called the American Rifle Association. Yes, it will be an organization for all blacks who love guns and all those opposed to gun control. … My dream is to set up ARA chapters in every large and small city across the country with a significant black population. We will offer African Americans proper training in buying and using guns. …. We can add shooting activities to black family reunions, where dads and moms and kids can learn the safe way to care for and handle AR-15s, Uzis, AK-47s ….

He adds:

Once the heads of the NAACP and the National Urban League read Justice Thomas’ stirring language [in the recent Chicago gun case] tying black freedom to gun ownership, it’s likely that we can get those organizations to add some red-blooded American activities to their annual conventions, like a deer hunt or a visit to a firing range . …

I remember comedian Dick Gregory suggesting in the 1960s that the only way to get gun control in America was to start forming NRA chapters in the ghetto. …. I can’t see the NRA, GOP or the Tea Party opposing the American Rifle Association. We’ll adopt a logo with an Uzi against a red-black-and-green background and an American flag.

Was Dick Gregory right?


  1. cordoba blue

    Personally I’m not in favor of more gun control. I think everyone has the right to bear arms for protection: black and white Americans. If whites have the right to protect themselves, certainly black people do also. Black Americans get their homes broken into etc and they have a right to defend themselves. Everyone knows that by the time the police arrive, a citizen could already be dead. Happens all the time. I actally don’t see this as a racial issue. Maybe I’m missing something?

    • Seattle in Texas

      Heh there cordoba blue–I am personally in favor of more gun control, though agree that everybody has the inherent right to protect themselves, I just don’t think guns are the answer–that’s just my own position (and that may be inherently “anti-American” but oh well). But when I think of the distribution of firearms, a movie that Nicholas Cage was in a couple years back comes to mind (I can’t remember the name)–but Cage’s character basically sold and distributed guns throughout the world in areas that were already in despair, but the guns made things worse and changed the way of life while rapidly increasing the death toll among the communities…. Regardless of groups, etc., where there are more guns there is more violence and more deaths.

      But I have been pondering on if it’s a racial issue too…primarily because I’m in a pro-gun state where pretty much everybody in all groups are pro-gun…with that, I think it depends on how you look at it and from whose perspective. Though, on the whole I personally do lean on, yes this racial issue. There are strong stereotypes associated with gun violence and African Americans. But also, the constitutional right to bear arms did not apply to everybody when it was adopted and for some time after–only those who were assigned to the socially constructed white racial category, etc.. And then of course people who have been stigmatized with the “felon” label cannot legally have firearms, even though who knows how many people throughout the U.S. in all groups engage in felony activity of some sort–be it violent crime, white collar crime, etc., etc., etc.

      The pro-gun position raises so many interesting questions….

  2. cordoba blue

    Thanks for the input Seattle. No, I’m not a gun-slinger myself. What I mean by that is I don’t like the stereotype southerner hunting poor helpless deer and putting their heads on his walls and defying anyone to mess with him etc.
    I just believe we live in an uncertain world cause haven’t we always? I know some very quiet living law abiding citizens in my neigborhood, black and white, whose houses were broken into. What if they were at home? Everybody should have the right to protect their family and themselves. We’ve all discussed the break-ins at neighborhood association meetings. Everybody wanted to do the neighborhood watch program etc.
    That said, in private, we decided we feel safer with owning a gun as well. And some of these people have never owned a gun, but they do now! Like I mentioned, calling 911 in a true emergency just doesn’t cut it. I wish it weren’t so of course.
    It’s all about protecting your family. I still don’t see race a component of this. Everybody, no matter what ethnic group, loves their family. As far as blacks discouraged or not allowed to own guns in the past during neo slavery or whatever, well, that’s BS. They were asked to fight in wars, but then can’t privately own guns? Such stupid transparent hypocrisy.
    Thankfully, that’s in the past. At least I believe it is unless black Americans have a harder time getting a permit to own a gun? I got my gun so long ago, I have no idea about the current laws etc.

  3. DJohnson

    It took me a minute to figure out that this was intended ironically. I thought it sounded like a *great* idea. It says a lot about Joel Dreyfuss (whoever that is) that he thinks this wedge would work. Conservatives don’t hate blacks, guys. Get it through your heads.


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