England’s Smartest Family is Black

Rollingout.com has a nice personal interest story, with a very important point. The story is about the Imafidon family, a black-British family, and its very-very-high-achieving children. First there are the two nine-year-old twins, Peter and Paula, who are the youngest to

ever pass the University of Cambridge’s advanced mathematics exam. That’s on top of the fact they have set world records when they passed the A/AS-level math papers.

Nine years old! But these two children are not alone, because their sister Anne-Marie

holds the world record as the youngest girl to pass the A-level computing, when she was just 13. She is now studying at . . . Johns Hopkins University …. Sister Christina, 17, is the youngest student to ever get accepted and study at an undergraduate institution at any British university at the tender age of 11. And Samantha, now age 12, had passed two rigorous high school-level mathematics and statistics exams at the age of 6…

The father immigrated to London from Nigeria three decades back, and he makes a key point about why these working class children have done well in England:

….. he denies there is some “genius gene” in his family. Instead, he credits his children’s success to the Excellence in Education program for disadvantaged inner-city children. “Every child is a genius,” he told British reporters. “Once you identify the talent of a child and put them in the environment that will nurture that talent, then the sky is the limit. Look at Tiger Woods or the Williams sisters … they were nurtured.”

Doubtless, he is underplaying parental efforts here, but still his point is dramatic.

So, of course, in the U.S. we starve and re-Jim-Crow our inner-city educational programs for decades, then when the Bush Depression kicks in, our governments’ solutions include giving a trillion dollars in aid to Wall Street’s white-collar, low-intelligence deviants, but cutting back on many local educational and other social support programs that develop young talent in areas where we need it.

Perhaps we need to send our (mostly white) politicians to study with this savvy father and his very talented kids. Maybe they can get their “low IQs” up a little?


  1. libertyspeaks

    This is most true. Parents must be involve with all child’s education. If parents do not care, then if there is other programs won’t matter. My family always value the education. About what happens inside families. Glad to read this. Some family do not care. That is why children cannot pass school grades and do not care if they read. But why rasicm if family like mine care? Always come back to that.

  2. libertyspeaks

    In Africa no opportunity like America. Here if work you can live in nice house without civil wars. Still more rasicm here because more white persons. Not all white persons so rascist. But many white persons think black people maybe not educate. Not true. Many black family want much education. America president need spend more money on educate black children.We see improving education. Stay ahead.

  3. No1KState

    @ libertyspeaks – Brother you ain’t never lied! (Just a little African American saying.)

    @ general – By the by, I know this is three years old – but am I the only who’s just learning that James Watson is black?!8-O

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