Blog Admin: Comments and Trolls

Our goal here at Racism Review is to inform, engage, educate, and whenever possible, create an atmosphere for lively discussion in the comments section. However, given the anonymity of the Internet (among many other factors, including the competing pulls on the blog admins’ time) this is often difficult to do.

Therefore, in an attempt to keep down the volume of traffic from trolls and to increase the quality of discussion in comments, we’ve recently adjusted the settings on the blog so that people cannot comment on posts that are older than seven (7) days.

As you may have noticed, we’ve also recently turned comments “off” on some posts. There are times when the blog admins are weary of deleting troll-comments and so, simply turn the comments off.

And, if you’ve suddenly found yourself blocked from posting comments to the site, it’s because you’ve been deemed a troll by the blog admins. A troll is someone who posts comments that do not add value to the discussion but rather only serve to feed the troll’s ego and they are not welcome here.

Everyone who has something intelligent, constructive, relevant, on-topic, and timely, to add to the discussion is welcome and invited to post a comment.