Alabama Killings: Faculty of Color

I have been reading much CNN and ABC online news, and watching the network coverage, but only the Root blog seems to have this extra information on the killings at the University of Alabama Huntsville:

The three University of Alabama Huntsville faculty members who were killed Friday were all people of color. Gopi Bodila, the, the chairman of the biology department, was of Indian origin. Dr. Adriel Johnson, an associate professor, and Dr. Maria Ragland Davis, an assistant professor who specialized in plant sciences, were both African-American. Amy Bishop, a Harvard PhD who was denied tenure, has been charged with capital murder in the killings. Three other faculty members were wounded, two of them critically, at a faculty meeting on the Alabama campus.

The alleged shooter is a white woman from Massachusetts, with a Harvard degree. The media interviews with family and other there suggests this may have been an incident involving tenure not being granted.


  1. No1KState

    What?! I had no idea, either. (I’m trying to avoid too much info this weekend. Vaca. You know.)

    That really, really pisses me off. Really.

    I did read about the murders when they first happened. The race of the perpetrator wasn’t mentioned, so I knew it had to have been a white woman. And obviously, Gopi Bodila is not an anglo-saxon name, but I never really thought about the race of those murdered. And it’s not that I assumed they were of one race or another, just that it didn’t matter. But. It may have. Right?

  2. TheSeeker520

    Correction: DR. GOPI PODILLA not Bodilla.
    Race does and it doesn’t matter. A life is a life and three were taken at the hands of another. However, if they were targeted then that elevates these killings to another level. Please note that of the three others that were injured, two of them were of color also. Just pray for the families of these individuals and mourn for the loss of this bank of knowledge and expertise that has beenn lost to the students and community at large as they were leaders in their respective areas of research.

  3. marcg

    Rereading the great number of articles the NYTimes has published on the killings and I have not found one article that uses the term hate crime.

    Though the paper has managed to provide in-depth coverage of a death this suspect was involved in 24 years ago, creating a weirdly distracting lens through which to examine and understand this crime.


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