White Privilege 101

There’s been some discussion in the comments section about what “white privilege” looks like. There is a documentary called Mirrors of Privilege (by Shakti Butler), available in five parts on YouTube (about 10 minutes each), that is something like a white privilege 101 course:

It’s worth watching all five parts, especially if you’re new to thinking about these concepts, as it includes interviews with experts and non-experts. Changeseeker has a good discussion of how these clips have been useful in her sociology class, at Why Am I Not Surprised?


  1. I did not know where exactly to add this comment. I hope the “White Privilege” post is permissible. I just want to give support to Senator Harry Reid who correctly notes that “gradualism” is conservative white strategy they use to oppose all kinds of progress. They developed and perfected the “gradualism” rhetoric in opposition to racial progress–abolition of slavery and civil rights. And, as Reid tangentially implies, conservative whites are reviving this highly racialized strategy because they see health reform through the white racial frame. Consequently, whites want to protect their privileged access to health care (read life) at the expense (read death) of people of color.

    Keep your head up, Harry! Don’t apologize for the comparison. It’s more than a comparison; it’s a continuation!


  1. Are whites racially oppressed?

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