Blog Admin: Email subscription activated, Comments in WordPress

Thanks for your patience as we work out the kinks on the site re-design this week.  Just a few brief blog admin updates:

  • The email subscription is activated and operational.  So, if you prefer to get notification of updates to RacismReview via email we – at long last – have this capability.  It’s the big space to the right there, where it says “Subscribe Now.”  Just type in your email address, then follow the steps to activate the subscription.
  • After a brief attempt to use Disqus, we’re back to managing comments through WordPress.  This means that everyone will have to register (or re-register) with the site here.
  • There are also detailed instructions HERE for those who may be new to blog registration or commenting on blogs.
  • If you’re ready to register, you can skip the detailed instructions and go directly to registration.

And now, we return you to the regularly scheduled, insightful, engaging analysis of race, racism, politics, society and culture.

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