Contexts Podcast: Cyber Racism

The good folks at Contexts asked me to an interview for their podcast series a few weeks back about my new book, Cyber Racism, and now it’s available online, here.  The description from their website about the podcast:

Cyber Racism is about white supremacist groups online, and Daniels tells us how white supremacy online is important for how we think about education, free speech and multiculturalism.

If you’ve missed any of the discussion I (or Joe) have posted here about cyber racism, this provides a good introduction.  There’s a little bit at the end about the work Joe and I do here on the blog.  One small correction, the scholar I refer to in the piece who developed the phrase “translocal whiteness” is Les Back (I mangled his name).


  1. Captainchaos

    What you call “racism” is none less than the evolved affinity for one’s closely genetically related own. The people you say have no organic life as such, whom is alleged are merely a “social construct”, form discernible clusters when subjected to multi-array genetic testing. Putting our own first, which is self-evidently necessary that we may go on existing as a people, you call “white privilege”.

    Doing all that you can to pathologize what is best in life, I call rankest evil.


  1. Racism in International Context: Nigerian “Scam Baiters” ::

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