Racism Review: Site Renovation Coming

Just a quick heads up to let folks know that we’re planning a bit of a site renovation here at Racism Review. Same compelling content in a sleeker package. This will also mean that in order to comment, you’ll have to create a login here. I know, it’s a pain – but it will make everything run more smoothly here in the long run. The launch of the new site should happen sometime in August (exact date unclear), but it will be in plenty of time for the back-to-school rush.


  1. It will decrease the number of comments.

    I’m against logins for blog comments in general. So many times I abandoned my attempt to leave a comment on a blog (during lunchbreak or whatever), because I had to register and then log in.

  2. admin Author

    KState and Restructure are both right, sort of. The goal is to build a community of people that are in conversation with each other over time and reduce the one-off, frequently racist comments (we delete a lot that never see the light of day on the blog). The new interface will allow “Open ID” so if someone is registered once with that, they can use that with one click to comment. The new interface (and other forms of registration) also has the advantage of enabling reputation points and comment voting – so that people can rate each other’s comments.

  3. Joe

    Amy, glad you find the site useful. We will not change the substance on the site, mainly the format. As for 2009 data, it depends on what data you are looking for. Mostly you can find 2007/2008 data on racial inequality in numerous books cited in posts here. Most 2009 data are not out yet on many issues, from various agencies and sources.Useful books with data include my The White Racial Frame (2009, Routledge) book and the collection (just out with Routledg3), called The Integration Debate, edited by Harman and Squires. Check these out and other books listed in posts that have catetories (see the left column for categories) that you are interested in . Thanks for your support.

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