Racism as Reality TV

If you’re reading here and you have cable tv, you might want to set the DVR to record a new reality television show that addresses racism (hat tip: @BlackInformant via Twitter).   On Sunday (5/3), The Learning Channel’s (TLC’s) will debut a new show called “Guess Who’s Coming Over” in which a self-described “redneck” and his (white) family are matched with a young, urban black man.

I admit that I’m both curious and skeptical about this show.   I’ll post an update here after I’ve had a chance to see it and review it.


  1. Raymond Carnation

    My name is Raymond Carnation. I was a Philadelphia Police Officer that opposed racism against African Americans in my department.
    I along with two other officers were then retaliated against and then fired for coming forward . This occurred under the command of William Colarulo now a chief inspector.
    In May of 2008 we won our Precedential Federal Racism Case Myrna Moore vs. The City of Philadelphia. D.C. Civil Action NOS. 99-cv-01163. This ten year nightmare has inspired me to campaign to ask President Barack Obama to place police racism on our national agenda. I am also aware this is a Global Problem. I am seeking to see Global as well as national attention on this serious problem. I want to write a book on our true stories and our findings on police racism.We hope that Oprah ,20/20 or Dateline can do a story so the world, and our President can take proper action. Below are the articles on my story so you will have a better understanding what had occurred in my career in Philadelphia Police department. Together we can make a positive change for all. I hope you and your staff can assist us in our quest as well as yours. Thank You and God Bless.
    Yours Truly,
    Raymond Carnation
    Cell# 267-231-8143





    http://www.citypaper.net/articles/06 0399/news. cb.unfortunate. shtml

    Racism in Police Departments Must Be on the National Agenda

    By Keith Rushing
    I hope that the U.S. Department of Justice in the Barack Obama administration on will he do what none have done before: take serious measures to end the rampant racism and abuse of power in police departments across America. O f course, we can’t expect miracles in the span of…
    URL to article: http://www .justdemocracyblog. org/?p=791

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