White Men as The Problem

Bank of AmericaUnusual numbers of photos of elite white men are in the news lately, since the financial crisis hit. Almost all perpetrators of our “second great depression,” as with the first, have been white men (Creative Commons License photo credit: Shannon Clark). White male business “geniuses,” often with top-college educations. It is odd that no one yet, to my knowledge, has featured the whiteness or white-maleness of these malefactors of great wealth as a central feature of the life-devastating economic “problem” we face globally. One can be sure that if these agents of destruction were women or men of color that the reality of their gender and racial characteristics would be a constant topic of conversation by pundits and politicians, especially in the media. (Remember that Hillary Clinton is still blamed for failures in health care reform quite a while back.)

Come to think of it, white men (they named themselves “white” in the 17th century) created the modern Western (now world) economic system. They created the Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism. Or should we say, the Predatory Ethic and the Spirit of Exploitation. Arrogant greed seems to be a major motivation behind the labor/land expropriation and exploitation euphemized by historians as “overseas exploration” and “settlement.” Certainly, white men created, expanded, and maintained the often genocidal taking of millions of indigenous peoples’ lands in the Americas and the Holocaust-like Atlantic slave trade. Mostly white men created the oppressive realities of modern capitalism and North American slavery, and have made huge profits and wealth off of it, now passed along to their descendants.

In recent centuries, elite white men have caused much death and destruction, probably more than any other elite group on the planet. White men are certainly not the only major sources of “democide” and related despotism, but they do seem to lead the list. (Consider not only the many indigenous genocides and Atlantic slave trade, but the Holocaust, Soviet gulags, Hiroshima and Nagasaki, two world wars). While white men are not alone in such actions, the consequences of their actions have been more far-reaching, especially for the planet in general than have those of despotic not-white actors.

White men set up the Western legal systems reinforcing modern capitalism and North American genocide targeting millions of indigenous Americans and enslavement of millions of African Americans. They created the white racial frame to explain and rationalize these savage operations. The white frame is a dominant worldview that a great many white men, including elite political-economic leaders, still seem to be operating out of as they today exploit the world’s majority, the 80 percent of the planet that is not white.

And it was these self-named white men who reinvigorated a very strong white-patriarchal frame, with its “great chain of being” notions (God at top, then angels, then European men, then European women, then European children, then “other races,” then animals). In the North American case, they easily extended this to the system of racial oppression they had devised for Native Americans and African Americans.

These men, centuries ago and now, see themselves as heroic and virtuous, even as they have created great destruction and misery for many people. Ronald Takaki speaks of this view of white men as “virtuous republicans.” Note that in this centuries-old process most white men have had little sense of their own weakness and venality, but have almost always accented their virtues. Today, as in earlier centuries, most white men generally do not see their group’s lack of virtues, their major weaknesses, and their major errors. They certainly do not like to admit error. Indeed, white men now often blame the victims, as in the case of this white male commodity trader who recently blamed homeowners and moaned about “losers” with troubled mortgages, and not the banks now being bailed out with billions for playing the central role in creating the housing crisis.

So we are rapidly moving today to the second of their “great depressions” in this country’s history, yet the arrogant framing and actions of a few hundred, or perhaps thousand, of elite white men have yet to be problematized. Indeed, one cannot do so in the public media and discussions of this society. It simply is not possible to problematize the ruling group, as they have too much control to allow for significant problematization.

The white racial frame, which I have written about here before, is more than a framing of racial matters to legitimate oppressions. It is accents white virtues, especially white male virtues. It has a dramatic arrogance about what is virtue and what is not, about who is virtuous and who is not, and about where and when there is virtue. It assumes that an arrogant greed, a predatory spirit, an overarching patriarchism that means white men should be at the head of society, should be masters of the social universe.

Yet, it is the lack of virtue of a great many white men that has gotten the world’s economy into this second depression. It is their stupidity, their lack of “IQ,” their lack of foresight, their lack of political regulation and planning, and thus their lack of public-regardingness. A recent report on the “financial crisis and the systemic failure of academic economics” (by mostly European economists) makes quite clear the failure of the (substantially white male) economics profession to research and interpret the global financial crisis.

Why blame white men? Well, the men who gave us this global crisis are overwhelmingly white and “educated,” often from top universities, but not very good in regard to critical thinking or the ethics of the “commons.” Then, there is the white collar crime, or at least corruption, that many have apparently engaged in–so far rarely discussed. White collar crime and other corruption, economic and political, is pushed to margins of public discussion because this is the kind of behavior dominated by white men. Such actions are often seen as not criminal, as “normal,” in part because white men wrote the laws about what is “serious” crime. They decided what is to be punished, and how much. Millions have lost their homes, jobs, incomes, and pensions, yet we rarely see elite white men targeted, photographed, or treated as criminals who stole or otherwise savaged lives–unlike hundreds of people of color who get such treatment by the media weekly.

Why blame white men? A reason, again, is that white men control the mass media corporations, and thus control how white men and their corruption get portrayed in society. They are the ones who force portrayals of this second depression as an economic reality for which “we are all responsible,” a crisis “no particular group” created. Yet, there are real people, real white male actors, who did in fact create this horrific reality the world now faces.

In one of the most brilliant in the literature on racial matters, chapter one of the Souls of Black Folk, W. E. B. Du Bois foregrounded the ways in which black Americans had come to be defined as a “problem”:

Between me and the other world there is ever an unasked question: unasked by some through feelings of delicacy; by others through the difficulty of rightly framing it. All, nevertheless, flutter round it. They approach me in a half-hesitant sort of way, eye me curiously or compassionately, and then, instead of saying directly, How does it feel to be a problem? they say, I know an excellent colored man in my town; or, I fought at Mechanicsville; or, Do not these Southern outrages make your blood boil? At these I smile, or am interested, or reduce the boiling to a simmer, as the occasion may require. To the real question, How does it feel to be a problem? I answer seldom a word. And yet, being a problem is a strange experience. . . .

So let us now define white men as the problem when it comes to many matters of human rights and human survival, including the world’s current political-economic situation.

In a famous book, Michael Moore did target Bush administration actors as “stupid white men” some time back. We should extend this now to yet more actions of white men, who are indeed a much broader societal problem today.

Then, the next step is figuring out how to change all this, and create a real democracy in this country and elsewhere, where people do have control of their economic and political situations. What is your solution?

(Note: I am indebted to helpful comments from other bloggers in writing this post.)


  1. Toby

    I remember another white man by the name of Adolf Hitler who wrote a similar piece of hatred as you did. Of course he blamed the Jews for all the world’s problems while you blame “white males”!

    Perhaps all white people should be gassed in concentration camps so that we can live under the justice filled utopian world of people of color.

  2. siss

    Toby: that’s harsh and un-necessary.
    Joe: you are VERY correct.

    This post has rattled some nerves with whom I have shared it with. I think it has less to do with race and more to do with greed.

    “So let us now define white men as the problem when it comes to many matters of human rights and human survival, including the world’s current political-economic situation.” – Why must race be the defining factor? This is a finance topic, not a racially motivated one. The defining factors SHOULD be their personality flaws/morals… or lack thereof.

    You noted, why blame them [the white man]? If the tables were turned and another targeted ethnicity was the main culprit, it would be UNJUST and UNFAIR to use skin color as the reason, correct?

    And to address your concern for white collar crime: criminal offenses (theft, assault, murder) are VERY different than “white collar crime” (embezzlement, forgery, false documentation) Can we agree? If not, I’m afraid your views are skewed. Im not implying that each type of offense doesn’t require severe punishment, but you can’t compare apples and oranges.

    Also, “Millions have lost their homes, jobs, incomes, and pensions, yet we rarely see elite white men targeted, photographed, or treated as criminals who stole or otherwise savaged lives–unlike hundreds of people of color who get such treatment by the media weekly.” What news outlets have you been watching? If we are talking about white collar crime, it usually relates to the business world ….and all I see in the news lately in Bernie Madoff. [read: WHITE MALE] He’s a thief and a con-artist. But he is NONE of those things because he is white. He embodies those qualities because he has no sense of respect, responsibility or ethics. It’s disheartening to see such a strong advocate like yourself insinuate these crooks are crooks because they are white. Please correct me if I am mistaken; because that’s the feeling I’m getting from this article.

  3. Joe

    SISS, You are right that we are seeing Madoff a lot, good point, but that situation is actually rather rare in the media. There are many more like him that we never see…… Who did bring down the world economy, causing destruction of lives for millions?

    We see people of color constantly in the media for crimes (like pot use and sale) that affect far fewer people than the mostly white men who brought down the economic system. The major white collar crimes often affect harshly millions of people, even killing them….. But they are rarely punished.

    My general questions remain: if men or women if color, or white women, were mostly responsible for this second great depression we are entering, would that fact be constantly mentioned, questioned, and problematized? People of color are constantly problematized in the (mostly) white-male-controlled media, and often quite unfairly.

    And does the fact that almost all the malefactors here are white and male mean something? Why not problematize them, and ask why they are almost all white and male? Does this have to do with a racist system operating over 400 years? Shouldn’t this be changed so the majority of the population (which is not white male) has a real say in a democracy? The tooth fairy did not create the situation where those who hold almost all the power in this society are white and male.

  4. ok, so I get what is going on: Some readers of this post are upset because it seems that Joe is essentializing white men. I find this feeling of disturbance ironic: American society has been essentializing blackness and femininity since its founding. However, only in recent decades has this even been critically questioned as problematic.

    The greater irony here is that Joe is not essentializing white men. He is essentializing people who are in positions of power, people who control our economic institutions, people who hold the mass of wealth and capital in this here America. You can do your own research to find out who those people are; if the answers upset you, that is not because of Joe. Neither is it because of Joe’s recognition of links between those people and the inability of gatekeepers of mass culture to criminalize them dutifully.

  5. siss

    Joe: I completely agree that the media doesn’t feature these types of crimes often. This is such a shame too because, as you pointed out, they affect millions of people. As for pot use, I rarely if ever, see it on the evening news. Personally, and off topic, I think recreational drug use should be de-criminalized. This would solve a multitude of problems IMO. The majority of “crime” news (in TX at least) consists of the crimes I mentioned previous.
    Honestly though, I doubt that race/gender would be focused on if someone else besides white males had created this disaster. Im not saying it wouldn’t ever come up but not nearly as often as you suggest. I do think it is reasonable to question why they are all white and male. Being female myself, I sometimes question too. As far as democracy goes, everyone in this country has a say…it’s called a vote. Prime example: our new and wonderful President. If that doesn’t show the power of the people, I don’t know what does. It sent a message that this country needed a change in the political atmosphere, and we came in loud and clear 🙂

    Abigail: I was simply reflecting my views on Joes post and would appreciate if you could keep the subtle attitude at bay. I apologize if I came off boorish; my intention was to stimulate conversation. I do think he was essentializing white men. Our difference of opinion may be contributed to our difference in definitions.

  6. Seattle in Texas

    siss–whatever that acronym stands for…I can think of a few…you stimulated conversation and Abigail responded–she can bring forth any attitude she wishes, if that is how you interpret her thoughtful response. If you don’t want thoughtful responses or a stimulating dialogue, then don’t post. As far as I knew, blogs were open for discussions that anybody can jump into for the most part…. I’m not even going into your comment on Obama. Good god. Just keep patting yourself on the back now and keep pretending as though racism is a thing of the past….

    Joe’s post above is brilliant, by the way. Back to retreating….

  7. Seattle in Texas

    …oh! And we live in a true democracy where everybody has a voice in this society they can exercise with a vote…right…”felons”, undocumented workers and their families, and others,…? I suppose all running candidates have an equal chance of having their positions heard and getting elected too? *violently vomit* Give me a break–nice try though.

  8. One of the things I always liked about Marxian analysis is that it doesn’t argue that somehow capitalists are worse people than you and I. Instead, capitalism has a structural logic that determines the interests of actors. Capitalists are not a different breed of human. They are positioned differently within a set of structural relations. And just like the proletariat, are they are subject to the logic of their position. Now this structural model is obviously overdetermined. But it has advantages of not devolving into name calling, othering people, or that moral depravity and malicious intent explain outcomes.

  9. Joe Author

    Shamus, systemic racism is also about the logic of a structural position, which determines not only the interest of white actors but their wealth and framing of society…..Capitalism, as Marx noted, begins in its modern phase with the “primitive accumulation” of slavery and genocide. Capitalism in the west is, is systemic racism as well.

  10. siss

    SIT: Im not sure where all of your pent up aggression comes from but you must have left your manners at the door. Siss is short for my nickname, and your insinuations are insulting. If you would have read my post more thoroughly, I apologized to her for fear that my first post sounded rude. She is more than welcome, as anyone else, to post on this public blog. Is your definition of a “thoughtful response” one that demeans others? If so, continue with your current posts. I won’t even respond to your other insidious comments/questions.

  11. steve

    Joe I have to ask, if it were men of color in power would this recession have been avoided? I read your post and I’m not looking for a big long debate just a yes or no answer.

  12. Joe Author

    Steve, that is an impossible hypothetical, given that 97 percent of top corporate executives are white men. We would have to see men of color in these positions in significant numbers, for a signficant period, to know the answer. As a group, however, black men made very savvy judgments in voting in the last three elections– showing much more wisdom and judgment as a group than white men…..

  13. steve

    You have to be kidding right? Well please elaborate on these savvy judgments, and how you come to premise they would have been more beneficial? Because you stated something I would suppose you have more then hypothetical reasoning to back it up.

  14. Rob

    Please consider if stigmatizing modern white men encourages more participation in the race dialogue or pushes them out within societies that already paint them as the bad rooster in the hen house.

    What’s funny is that my father grew up in the poorest white ghetto on the planet in the 50’s and 60’s — South Boston. My mother grew up a block from Rocky Marciano in Brockton, Massachusetts, USA, which is not far from there and a largely Haitian neighborhood today, to begin a life beset by poverty, domestic violence, sexism and, for lack of a better term, “reverse” racism. So when you go on this huge tirade about how white men suck, it doesn’t just seem bitter, it’s also clearly ignorant and very offensive.

    Are you picturing images of white trash yet? Oh wait, no, most of my male patriarchs are war vets, my dad himself is a Vietnam vet and I financed my college education working every available slot and spending very frugally. My family has relatively modest finances but we’re rich in what matters much more. So are we still demonic to you?

    Please look up the term functionary and tell me what that means to you.

    So I’m not willing to participate in racist discussions like these, especially when reminded that both of my best friends are black, and I myself qualify as a legal native american. So do they, yet due to this vitriol, my poor white ass is out. Better luck next time, hater.

    Oh, and you might want to avoid peppering the class discussion to invite more dialogue about what matters to poor people, which coincidentally includes many more people of color. Things like social opportunity, which includes getting us stable jobs, unemployment benefits, and affordable housing. You may learn that oppression is not a colorless concept and the real crux of it is power, privilege and control.

  15. Joe Author

    Rob, I understand your intense personal emotions here, but you have not offered any DATA at all to counter the arguments in my piece. White men — and I focus on elite white men here, something you miss — have set us all on the direction to an international economic depression or worse. 97 percent of the people who have brought us to the brink of depression are white men (CEOs), so it is fair to ask why this is the case. We white men — and I can match all your credentials and more — have a lot to answer for, yet we almost always react the way you do. We do not like to be questioned, or made the center of a critical analysis. Where are your data that elite white men are not the problem here? And can you explain why? You probably cannot even name the key white men (Joseph Cassano is perhaps the central figure, do you know who he is?) who have brought down much of the Western economy. Why are you/we afraid to critically assess elite white men?

  16. Seattle in Texas

    Oh lord. If there was pursuasion in any way to hate all white males or all white people in the main post for that matter, I missed it.

    Something comes to mind that is worth thinking about, in my humble opinion, is words from Dr. Jeremiah Wright who said: “Yes 9-11–01 happened to us. But so did slavery happen to us. Yes the world trade center happen to us. And so did white supremacy happen to us. Yes the pentagon happen to us, and so did the Tuskegee experiment happen to us. Yes Shanklin, Pennsylvania happened to us, and so did the Sharpsville massacre happen to us…”

    Rob, please forgive me for not understanding–at the end of your response above, you stated the punchline of the main post–as I understood it…. Also, if you enjoy reading, may I suggest reading “Systemic Racism” on the websites reading list and not on that list, “The Wages of Whiteness: Race and the Making of the American Working Class” by David Roediger.

    Some white men are very honorable, both historically on into contemporary times. They are just unfortunantely invisible to this society all too often. And our history hides them. Not to mention, the many whites who were involved with, and died, in and for various causes, such as, the Civil Rights Movements and abolishing slavery. White supremacy does not appreciate these white people at all–past or present….

  17. steve

    its simple enough joe, you are a racist. drop all the quotes and propaganda you want, you are still a racist. Not obvious to most but racism does not belong just to the white race, colored people can still be racist, and its very common in our society for a colored person to be racist to a white. its just sad that it is accepted and there is no deffense for a white male.

    I do not write this out of hate or anger incase you wish to twist my words. Just read the deffintion of racism read your article, and really read some of your comments.

    the really sad part is I will be considered a racist for publicly stating what your opinions and views represent, becuase I am white.

  18. Tom

    I understand that I’m late to the game here, but I wanted to provide some of my own input. You know how it goes when you have too much time on your hands!

    I agree with “steve” about how this “joe” person is a racist. His article is doing nothing to help anything or anyone. It’s only fueling fires and stirring more havoc inside the pot of life.

    Every ethnicity has pros and cons about their identity and history. It’s easy to blame a specific ethnicity for something because sometimes, the arguments presented do appear to be justifiable claims of angst and bitterness. In the end, though, regardless of specific data or statistics, the accusations presented only perpetuate racism because they become the tools required for hatred to blossom.

    It’s time to move past this and work toward a positive cooperative path instead of presenting readers with nothing more than hate-filled articles meant to cause problems through the smoke-screen of misleading data and passive-aggressive intent.

    In other words, grow up.

  19. Joe Author

    Tom, why is it that when elite white men are almost entirely responsible for something like the global economic meltdown we cannot raise the question of why that is? They are not just any old racial-gender group, but the one that pretty much runs the Western countries, and thus much of what goes on , on the planet. The racist systems they created, and the large-scale discrimination they create every day still, are part of the global problem. At no point do I say all white men are responsbile; some resist and are anti-racist, and anti-capitalist.

  20. Byron

    Mr. Joe, I am curious to know a few things because I must be blind? First question and please do not hurt yourself emotionally to answer these: how are the common people of COLOR doing in the Congo? If bad, is it due to a non COLOR person? Second question: have you been in the USA military to protect the freedom of this country and the freedom of others? Third: what is my skin color? Forth: I grew up in sever poverty here in the USA but I make a real good living now and did this happen because I needed equal rights or someone to hold my hand, or maybe I believed in myself and am a hard worker? Fifth: who do you blame when a person of COLOR kills another person of COLOR? Sixth: what is my education? I hope I structured these words/questions in a simple enough structure that you can look in the mirror and believe that power brings corruption no matter what skin color a person is, BUT you do not have to be like them. You can rise above and help out all people by your example especially children; you can prove that there is good in people of all colors. You can go out and make real friends with people of other colors to start on this road to healing, IT’S YOUR CHOICE. Make things simple and get rid of the hate/blame.

  21. “We white men”

    Did I miss something, or are you white? And if you are white, how many other people MISS IT when you say you are white? LOL…I loved your post and agree. I found it quite intesting that the majority of white men (and women) I have encountered are completely unable to withstand an analysis of their group based on the actions of some…but so many are willing to dish rhetoric of this type out with impunity.

    Great post, Joe. I have you bookmarked. 🙂

  22. To Byron…

    My guess is that you are Black, former (or perhaps current) military, accustomed to being surrounded by primarily white people (or being involved in high stress situations including white people), and completely blinded to the systematic racism that still exists, due to the fact that you decided to become an agent/protector of that system. I also hypothesize that you were lifted out of the poverty of your youth through your military service and the scholarship and opportunity for higher education it afforded you. I would LOVE to know if I got ANY of that right…I am quite curious.

  23. Wow. Hit dogs holler. Rob, Steve, and Byron are displaying the privilege of whiteness in that nothing white people do is questioned. Sure, Madoff is in the media, but he’s one person we can point to for having brought down lots of other white people. But, with all that has happened throughout history at the hands of white men, why is no one questioning the privilege and supremacy of whiteness? We talk about the pathology of black people all the time. After Virginia Tech, we all got a quick lesson into Korean culture. But in the past few weeks, we had several white men shoot and kill people, and we haven’t had a question about the pathology of whiteness. Odd.
    And note. Not all white men are bad. Not even all white men are blind to the trouble and pathology of whiteness. But on the whole, white men can kill, rape, pillage – even bring down the global economy – and no one questions their actions as it relates to white privilege, white supremacy, patriachy, or white patriarchal capitalism. If we never question the systems to promote and propogate white privilige, white supremacy, patriarchy, and white patriarchal capitalism, we’re not going to get to the root of the problem. (By white patriarchal capitalism, of course, I’m refering to the way whiteness is privileged above other races/ethnicities, male is privileged above female, and rich is privileged about poor.) And for the record, I have close white friends, too.

    And for the record, had the West not worked together to kill Patrice Lamumba, then enabled Mobutu for 3 decades, and perhaps if Europe and left Africa alone in the first place, Congo would be in a better place. Not that it all white men’s fault. By yes, there are some white men, not you Steve or Rob, who bear some culpability in what’s happened in DRC.

  24. Byron

    Michelle, most people would classify me as a Caucasian but I am mostly Native American, I also have some German and African lineage .My beautiful one and only wife of seventeen years is what I guess this blog would call a Mexican American. Why we lived in severe poverty: When I was around six my dad was tackled by the police just before he tried to end my life with a knife for reasons I’m not going to discuss. My mother then took my three sisters and me to another town where my mom’s brother found us starving and sold his car so mom could buy food for us to eat.
    As for my tour of duty in the military I was assigned to the First Combat Infantry unit out of Fort Riley Kansas and was deployed to defend the Kuwaiti people so they can have their freedom like you and I do.
    After getting out of the armed services way back in 1993 I went to college and received my degree in Applied Science in Electronics Engineering while working full time to take care of my wife and kids.
    I have been working for many years in the manufacturing of computer CPU’s. I work with people from all around the world and several who are here in the United States temporally. I can say that most of the engineers I work with are from India, Japan and Vietnam. I am the minority there, but guess what? They are just people to me. They are my friends and buddies.
    My wife and I have been through many instances of being hated-disliked because of our interracial marriage or just due to our skin color. The first I remember was at our wedding reception where we had about three hundred guest (my wife comes from a huge loving family) anyway the photographer asked my wife and I to come out to the courtyard because he felt we would love some pictures by all the roses there. After the photographer took a couple pictures a group of about seven African American young men started making racial slurs mostly directed toward my wife, and what gets me is there was an African American convention going on at that same time of our wedding reception and I talked to about twenty older husbands and wife couples from that convention not an hour before and they were the greatest people (What was up with the youg men?). Another instance was when my wife and I went to visit my mom and her new husband in Georgia. At one point on this visit we went to Look Out Mountain to go through a tourist area my mom knew about and that turned out bad because mom did not know that area was full of some kind of White Supremacy group who chased us after shouting some racial slurs mostly directed toward my wife again. As for the last instance I am going to jot down here, it happened in Arizona just after we moved there. Since we were unfamiliar with the area we jumped in the car and took off to get some errands done. Our first stop was to buy some diapers for our boys and just after removing our boys from the car I noticed a whole lot of Mexican people staring at us with frowns on their faces and after entering the store several of them followed us around in the store saying things in Spanish.
    There is some kind of evil in the air that is infecting people to choose to be prejudice and from my experiences as listed above it is people who want to be seen by the color of their skin and dominate others. Is that how you feel. What system are you looking for that will take place of the system now in the USA because I agree with you that we need a new mindset toward our fellow citizens throughout the states/world! Do you read or watch the news around the world and not see that even if a country has only one race there are goups that hate each other for some reason or another? I am no better than you or anyone in the world, but I am just as human as every one of you and everyone else. I’ts late at night so I hope all this makes sense and wording/spelling is ok. I just care about you all.

  25. danny

    Hate article Joe! White men also made America the most affluent country the world has ever known! Is it the white man’s fault for the chaos in Africa or the middle east too?

  26. bardoe

    Great article Joe! White men are e*** (you fill in the blanks), they take advantage of every race they can for profit, they love to kill and put a hero’s face on it, they act like they’re the only good race on the planet, they think that they’re highest thing to god and everyone else is beneath them, they’ve force this capitalistic system call democracy on the world and if you don’t like it they will blow your country up, they lie all the time, they’re hateful, vindictive, stingy, they don’t want to share knowledge they want to charge you for it, they continue to feed us dream through TV of the thing we’re suppose to want and keep us from the real things we do want like universal health care. There is history of everything I’ve said so I’m not saying anything people don’t know, I’m just being honest with my feelings. You need to listen to Tim Wise and white guy that don’t want to be a part of that and he is a white guy and I can look up to him with hope that white men will finally wake up and become a part of the real world and not the world want.

  27. MOM@Rob

    Post number 1. Interesting concept. I just watched a documentry on Hitler and how he came of with the idea of genocide of all Jews.. He studied history, and was very impressed on how the Euros came over to the “New Word” and wiped out or tried to wipe out the Natives. This is why he tried to create a pure race..Also, in order to create a pure race he needed to get rid of people he thought were not pure. So, he went around and killed non-pure Aryan people and took their land.. That’s what his agenda was to create a pure race, but he realized that he needed LAND to provide housing for his idea of a pure race. Hitler also did not like the Americas after he found out that the American people started inter mingle with non-pure race, so if he was going to attack the US after he finished with Europe. As mentioned before, interesting, that the “white euros” gave one of the most evil people on the planet some “good” ideas.

  28. bardoe

    I apologize for the last comments, I was angry, frustrated and upset, obviously all white men aren’t e***(you fill in the blanks) when I see news about a white man punching a black lady in the face in front of her littler girl in a restaurant and no one helped her because he don’t like black people or when I look back on an incident where two white men drag a black man to his death on the back of there truck with no feelings what so ever then having to deal with life where prices are high, people are losing there homes, killing there families and where greed is the order of the day, its hard to keep quite, it’s hard to keep quit now, I have to open my mouth and say something. It’s not right and it needs to stop now, they need to quit, stop it, and stop it now. Again I apologize for my last comment but now I need to speak up and help stop this madness.

  29. Oh boy! It’s the old “pointing out systemic racism makes you a racist” argument!

    It’s a lot like calling the boy who observed the emperor was naked a nudist. It just doesn’t follow. What happens too often in discussions of racism is that people project their feelings onto the facts and all is lost (at least for those who refuse to engage the DATA).

    Also, why is it there are never any white people around when race is discussed?

    ::blank stare:

    I am a Latino of Puerto Rican descent, btw. I have light skin and blue yes. As far as my ethnicity, I identify as a Latino, but my euro-looking features afford me an advantage. PERIOD.

    Great post, woulda liked those in opposition to have come to the table with more DATA, though.

  30. mom@bardoe

    bardoe – There are a lot of white people in this country that are suffering right along with everybody else, truly. I don’t know where those incidents happened, but I’m sure they would not happen today. I agree too many elitist’s in this country have gotten away with too much that the average American would not get away with.. Maybe what’s going on in the country today is a “blessing” because those people are being more exposed, and the truth will come out. Maybe, then, people will finally “wake up”, and that’s when there will be change. Remember the pendulum always swings. God Bless, Mom:)

  31. asay

    Your argument that the disproportionate political and economic control of white men is responsible for the recent US economic meltdown simply makes no sense. If you really want to make this an issue of race, examine the facts. The US was founded by, and rose to greatness under the nearly exclusive control of white men. In recent years control of power and political office increasingly belongs to women and minorities. What does this suggest to you?

    I’m not so naive, spiteful, or ignorant as to assign blame to ANY ONE race or gender, although many people seem to be nowadays.


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