More on the Grant Case: More Police Racism or Brutality?

The San Francisco Chronicle has a revealing update involving a newly discovered video of the beating and killing of Mr. Grant by BART officers: (Photo: facebook)

The cell phone video…shows a male BART police officer walking over to three men lined up against a wall near a female officer, and then striking one in the face…. It appears that the officer who punches the man is the same person who later is seen kneeling on Grant’s head when he was shot. … He and the other officers present at the time of Grant’s shooting all remain on paid administrative leave. . . . Police investigators have said Grant put up a brief struggle with officers but was restrained and had both arms behind his back when he was shot.

A local law school professor and researcher on the police, Peter Keane, has suggested that

the video shows a “vicious, unprovoked and inexcusable assault” by the other police officer that should be prosecuted and that seems to have set off events that led to the shooting. “With that powerful punch, he slams Mr. Grant in the side of his head and knocks him down even though it doesn’t appear Grant is doing anything but talking – maybe he is mouthing off but there was no physical provocation.”

This case is being investigated, and hopefully this is a serious investigation (many are not nationally) and it certainly appears like the classic case of police brutality, and as Jessie and I noted before the data show that almost all cases of serious police brutality involve men of color as targets and white officers are overwhelmingly the perpetrators.


  1. Ready to Leave In Your Face Racist Texas

    First of all it pains me that this is not national and international news. This is evidence that racism is still alive today. Even more disturbing are the people in America who does not see this as a race crime just because it was an officer of the law pulling the trigger. After reviewing the films, I find no reason why the officer could have pulled his gun out, let alone fire it. These babies and yes they are someone’s babies were cooperating with the officers. He was already on the ground, with a knee on his neck and hand cuffed. Furthermore what nerve of the officer who had to know in 2009 someone had a camera to fire. Looks like he was trying to prove a point. The lack of respect for human life of people of color seems to be little to none. This country will never change. No matter who is president. It is going to get worse over the next few years. See white folks have always feared Black Men. We are physically stronger than them, smarter than them, play all sports better than them and the list goes on. So they try to do our brothers in with fear and intimidation. They fear our men will really see the greatness in them. They fear that Willie Lynch’s lesson’s that was taught to last for 1000 years will soon be a mere memory. What I suggest mothers, sisters, wives, daughters, aunts, grannies etc. It’s time to start teaching your son’s that they are great from birth. We are their ribs. Willie Lynch taught us how to not need them. Willie taught us not to respect them. That is why we can sit here in America and not be bothered that they are becoming extinct. And Brothers take back your families, get educated, and stop fighting each other. Remember, they gave you guns and drugs to kill yourselves, since they could no longer legally kill you like we have seen in this video.


    A cop can kill this young unarmed man in cold blood, while another cop has his knee on his head, and still have a job. Michael Vick was imprisoned for basically killing dogs! This country still views Black Men as being lower thank dogs! This man was murdered by white police officers, and nobody is doing a thing. But if a black cop would’ve put a bullet in the back of a white teen, he would’ve been in jail at this very moment. I HATE THE RACISM IN THIS COUNTRY AND I WOULD GO BACK TO AFRICA IF I KNEW WHAT COUNTRY MY ANCESTORS WERE STOLEN FROM! THIS AIN’T YOUR COUNTRY EITHER, YOU STOLEN FROM THE INDIANS. I LIKE WHITE PEOPLE BUT I VERY MUCH DISLIKE KRACKERS! AND IF YOU WOULD CALL FOR A MAN TO GO TO JAIL FOR KILLING DOGS, AND NOT FLINCH AT A 22 YEAR OLD UNARMED, SUBDUED BLACK MAN GETTING A BULLET IN HIS BACK BY HATE-FILLED POLICE OFFICERS, THEN, YOU ARE A KRACKER!!!!!!!!!

  3. Seattle in Texas

    Pssst! Ohhhhhhh Officer! Ntch ntch ntch, come here coppy coppy coppy! Ntch ntch ntch come on boy! Here’s a donut, DOWN! DOWN!—fetch! *officer runs and fetches the donut* Good boy. I have another donut! But you can only have it if you read the post above!!!

  4. It is yet another tragic outcome of being black in America. I have the awesome responsibility of teacher African American males in highschool and how can I then think that teaching them that education is the key to escaping the gun vioence that many of their counterparts have fallen victim to, if then the people who have taken an oath to protect and serve are also culprits in this epedimic. I am overwhelmingly saddened at the state of affairs that this country continously allows to fester. Does no one smell the rotting of this enormous wound that there seems to be no cure for?


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