Hate Crime Fueled by DVD?

Have you found a DVD in your mailbox recently entitled “Obsession: Radical Islam’s War Against the West,” released by the Clarion Fund? In its jacket they ask “How can you help fight radical Islam?” and directs you to a website (www.radicalislam.org) to “take action” and for “activism ideas.” The cover (and title) of the DVD should be telling enough, but after watching for a few minutes, you get the idea: that the production is pure fear mongering and anti-Islam (see this ), not to mention the Clarion Fund is a pro-McCain group. As One at Huff-Post reported, just four days after the DVD’s release, an attack at a Dayton mosque took place in which two white men sprayed some kind of chemical into a window, with children praying inside. Zero attention has been paid to this attack, while the local press has bought the line from the police that it was not a hate crime . Unfortunately we haven’t heard either candidates speak out against this attack, though McCain should feel more inclined to do so, since the group supports his candidacy.

Is this “Obsession” video the “October surprise” we should expect from the Republicans this election cycle? Or rather, is this just the beginning? Just yesterday Governor Palin tried to accuse Obama of “palling around with terrorists” something the AP has recently said is racially tinged, though now she is denying it is.

Following Jessie’s recent entry, Palin is now pivoting from her own image of whiteness and attacking Obama for his perceived Otherness. But what about McCain? Many in the media seem to think he won’t go there, but I’m not so sure. McCain recently said he would “take off the gloves” this Tuesday night at the debate.

Obama supporters, brace yourselves. This final month before election day is going to get very rough.


  1. Right you are. Team McCain is dredging up the Jeremiah Wright and Ayres stories again. It is certainly a shame that neither candidate has brought this up, but it makes sense (distressing though it may be). Obama is trying to end the rumors that he is a Muslim (not that there’s anything wrong with that) and McCain can’t be seen to pander to anything that isn’t fundamentalist Christian.

  2. Muriel Minnie Mae

    Both myself and my husband got one of these DVDs. I googled “clarion” and got their phone number. When I called I did not talk to a single human. The voicemail greetings were all computers, no humans. I left a message asking to be removed from their mailing list. And I didn’t bother to watch the DVD.

  3. JDF Author

    Thanks for the comments. Yeah, about 3 minutes or so into it and it was already pretty disgusting. Apparently they tried to link current stuff going on the Middle East to Nazism and the Holocaust. Why is the focus on “Islamic fundamental extremism” (a phrase repeatedly used by McCain, I might add) and not extremism in all its forms? Apparently “Christian fundamental extremism” is just fine to people like McCain.

  4. Todd

    It is frustrating because none of the attacks Obama has at his disposal (the Keating 5 as of today) truly resonate in a white persons mind quite like the “dangerous/sketchy black man”. It will be hard for the arguments to get through to a vast majority of the white electorate. I am worried to see how Obama’s retorts will be twisted into some sort of race-baiting by the McCain campaign.

  5. CosmoReaxer

    I take it then that you haven’t seen the movie? I have, and in fact have been trying to raise awareness about it since the summer.

    Nothing whatsoever about the movie would induce someone to go out and commit a violent act against anyone. Despite the speculation, the truth is no one really knows what the motives were in Dayton.

    And JDF, did you watch far enough to see why the Holocaust comes up? It’s because anti-Israel political cartoonists have borrowed Nazi imagery in their own work. The radicals are drawing direct inspiration from Nazi Germany. I agree it is disgusting, but I think you are blaming the messenger.

    Thank you for the chance to offer a different point of view.

  6. M.

    We will indeed see how these attacks play out. I certainly think you are right that the last month will likely bring out some very rough Republican attacks. If you’ve seen any recent polls, though, it looks like Obama/Biden is in great shape. The racially tinged attacks and guilt-by-association that this site has been pointing out so far have not been effective at preventing a growing Obama/Biden lead.

  7. JDF Author

    We’ll have to wait and see how all this plays out, with the debate tonight and beyond. I’m skeptical Palin’s remarks on Ayers or Wright will work, since they seem like red meat for the conservative base, and little more than that. Won’t independents wonder to themselves why this stuff wasn’t brought up before if it were true? Hopefully people will write it off as desperation on McCain’s part.

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