Open Thread: What Would You Like to See More Of?

Just a brief note on our blog. Our RacismReview blog has been successful so far on standard blog measures. The fact that this “expert” blog has been published (and very active for about ten months) for more than a year is significant. According to 2003 research by the Perseus Corporation, a majority of the 4.2 million blogs people created lasted, on average, only four months.

In terms of unique visitors (those who have ever visited) to our website, RacismReview has now had over 100,000 visitors to date, and now averages about 1,300 daily readers. We thank you all for coming, and would like to ask you for any input you would like to make, including on the question of what you would like to see more discussion of.

Please click below on the comments button if you wish to comment. And if you like what you see here, please encourage others to visit.

Thanks, Joe and Jessie


  1. I think you’re doing great! I’ve long found this site useful. Maybe, though, more personal stories, more concrete details to help pin down and personify the more abstract (though very cogent) points.

    I have been recommending you–see this comments threat at my blog here, and I’ve got you on my blog roll too.

  2. Wes

    I’d like to see lots of content regarding effective strategies and techniques for countering racism. More ideas and opinions on how to bring about racial justice. More strategies and ideas on how to pull white people’s head out of the sand when it comes to race and whiteness and its harming effects. More discussion on how words like “racist” and “white supremacy” might be better redefined (or refined) to reflect the truth. More Tim Wise content. More interaction and connectivity between this and other similar sites.And finally, LESS racialized side show distractions…like the Spike Lee – Clint Eastwood debacle on whether black GIs were properly represented in Hollywood movies glorifying America’s warmongering tendencies. That’s not something I wish to be proud of… Black participation in a war falsely touted as defending our freedoms…(that’s pure b.s.)

    Joe and Jessie, thank you!

  3. Seattle in Texas

    I prefer you keep the, well, “sideshow” content as noted by Wes above. People of all interests are visiting here. Speaking of…are any of my Starbuck, buck, bwak, bwak, bwaaaaak! lovely’s going to come out, come out, where ever you are??? Don’t be shy folks–you sure aren’t shy in real life! (and always have interesting and important conversations–bring ’em on here too!) 🙂

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