A Republican Candidate Supports Racial Segregation of Whites and Blacks

In what is perhaps a sad sign of our still-racist times, outspoken Indiana lawyer and prosecutor Tony Zirkle, who attended the Naval Academy and has a Georgetown University degree, is running in the Republican party primary as a candidate for Congress in Indiana’s 2nd Congressional District. According to news reports, Zirkle openly asserts that:

whites are victims of a “genocide,” that the races should be segregated into different states and that pornography is a Jewish plot against women. . . . On top of all that, Zirkle accepted an invitation to address a group of swastika-wearing, Sieg-Heiling Nazi party members at a celebration of what would have been Adolf Hitler’s 119th birthday on April 20 in Chicago — birthday cake and all.

The news report continues:

The personal-injury lawyer says he’s running for Congress to combat “the genocide of the white race” that pornography is causing — an “unholy pornocaust” against white Christian women. “We now have a small army of male black porn stars that are sifting through five, ten, fifteen thousand women,” he said. “One man can now genocide the wombs of thousands of women,” infecting them with sexually transmitted diseases that leave them barren. He calls it “Porn mule womb slaughter . . . the most effective weapon of mass destruction.”

This is right out of the most extreme version of the white racial frame. We see clearly how central “dangerous” black men are to white minds like that of Zirkle. Well, a reader might say that he is very unusual and has likely been rejected by almost all Republicans. Not exactly. He got 30 percent of the vote in the 2006 Republican primary. Moreover, the news account notes that:

. . . he doesn’t think he is too far out of the Republican mainstream. . . . He believes the solution to STDs and out-of-wedlock births is to separate blacks and whites into segregated states, but he says that’s fully in the tradition of the party. “The original Republican party” felt the same way, he said. “Abraham Lincoln called for African-Americans to be deported back to Africa.”

Like many confused white men, he seems to be focused on black men–even though the issues of STDs and out of wedlock births, significant issues in white America, obviously have nothing to do with black men (who are already living in a very segregated society thanks to whites). And he has the story of Lincoln a bit wrong. Lincoln did favor encouraging African Americans freed from slavery to go back to Africa and colonize, but he did not call for forcible deportation. Although a complex man, Lincoln was often white supremacist in his framing of African Americans and of U.S. society, an issue that most Americans today do indeed lack information on.

Republican party officials have officially endorsed another Indiana candidate, Luke Puckett, and disavowed Zirkle. Yet, he is likely to garner many white Republican votes.

Zirkle is not alone in his radical views. Cliff Schecter, a political commentator and columnist for Knight Ridder, has pointed to other political ties between Republicans and white supremacists:

From the many years [Senator John McCain] rejected a Martin Luther King Jr. holiday (pretty much the entire 70s and 80s) to his serial flip-flops on the Confederate Flag in 2000 . . . to his close association with a white supremacist named Richard Quinn, who found himself hired as a political advisor by McCain in 2000 (and still is from what I can tell) after openly praising David Duke (he called him a “maverick”) selling t-shirts praising the assassination of Abraham Lincoln and writing/editing for a magazine (Southern Partisan) that reminded us that slave masters just really weren’t all that bad.

These stories have gotten, compared to the Dr. Wright and Senator Obama relationship, little mass media attention. Apparently for those who control the media it is more OK for a U.S. political party to be associated with avowed white supremacists than with a Black minister (like Dr. Wright) who has attacked that white supremacy and the white racism that much research shows still undergirds this society.


  1. June Farber

    Note, though, that you are letting Reverend Wright off the hook far too easily. Wright asserted that blacks think differently than whites–left brain versus right brain–and this is consistent with eugenics ideology from the early 1900s, this idea that there are fundamental biological differences between the races.

  2. Joe Author

    I cannot find a full statement of Dr. Wright’s views, which you allude to, just soundbites. Do you have his detailed views on this subject?

    In any event, his wrongheaded views on one subject do not make him an extremist or a person deserving of so many vicious attacks. His views as a whole need to be considered, and his views on the history and impact of racism, in the sermons I have read, are mostly supported by social science research evidence. No person gets it right all the time, but his is a man who has a very distinguished life record, including much sage analysis of US racism.

  3. Jessie

    Hey June ~ welcome! Good to see you here. Good comment, re: Rev. Wright.

    I agree, GDAWG ~ I thought of Frances Cress-Welsing when I heard the left brain / right brain talk as well.

    Still, that comes from a particular cultural tradition which, if you’re familiar with it, is not-news. You may not agree with it, but still, it’s like “oh that again.” But I cringed though at hearing it, thinking how the white-dominated media would frame it which is: “ooh, look he’s crazy.” And, that’s exactly what they did.

  4. Joe Author

    Well, this blog entry is about the ties of some Republicans to white supremacist ideas and activists, not about Dr. Wright.

    If you google, Wright and Obama, you get about 3,400,000 hits! If you google Zirkle and his views, you only get 2,230 hits; McCain and Quinn give you only 4,390 hits. That is an extreme contrast, indeed, and backs up my final point.

    Which is more important the ties of a US political party (directly) to active theories of white supremacy, or (actually, indirectly) to the ideas of Black man who has been forced by white oppression to spend his life fighting that white supremacy? Those who are oppressed, when they speak out, deserve a fair and full hearing, not soundbites and (literally) millions of whitewashed attacks — that almost always make no attempt to understand why a Black man has a right today to be angry about white racism.

  5. GDAWG

    Joe, your pointing out the decrepancies in the number of google hits concerning the comparisons you make of the folks you mention in my opinion again speaks to the issue of ‘group’ self interest for those who dominate the MSM. I would not expect it to be any other way considering the historical narrative of racial politics in the conutry and / or the western world for that matter. Finally, what Fuller and Cress-Welsing has argued for a number of years is not only the differences in right or left brain thinking the fear of genetic extinction for a lot of folks, especially those of Zircle’s ilk and what this focus means for persons of color.
    It’s, the gentic extinction concern is just not parlayed publically to this extent except for Ben Wattenberg’s “Birth Dearth” and the population work of Nicholas Eberstat. So Zirkle is not really out of t the mainstream as many would have you believe or Wish For, as per his numbers in the recent elections testifiy to.

  6. parvenu

    Good post Joe. I would like to add one other point to your use of a comparison of Google hits to prove that racial influence controls the national conversation about race in America. Currently power and money have exclusive control over the American Main Stream Media (MSM), and those individuals who move the power levers inside the MSM definitely have inflexable racialist attitudes which demand unconditional satisfaction. These super rich racialist oligarchs have used their respective fortunes over the past decades to produce a powerful propaganda machine that would have filled Herr Joseph Goebbels with envy.

    The oligarchs control all of the AM Radio Networks across America, along with a number of TV networks and affiliates. The once unacceptable highly racialiist propaganda is now unashamedly broadcast in every corner across the Nation in the form of mainstream news and talk show material. So in the reflection of reality if one considers just who it is that controls America’s conversation topics, it is reasonable that such a Google search comparison should reveal diminished interest in inflamatory racialist statements made by white protagonists as compared with the unyielding repetitive bombast by the MSM concerning Rev. Wright’s sermons to his black congregation. Malcom X spoke at many large African American rallies raging against the “Blue eyed devil white man”. Malcom’s rhetoric was little discussed in the MSM of his time, simply because he did not have a future black POTUS sitting in his audience.

    The situation of the power grab by the American super rich oligarchy can be best illustrated with this allegorical depiction.

    The Eagle somehow has his left foot firmly entrapped in a dense thicket. He has become completely exhausted through his endless struggle to free himself from the thicket. Hunger is slowly sapping his strength and the ability to keep moving his large fully extended wings. The shame of it all is that this powerful most majestic bird cannot see down in the depths of the thicket. If he could he would see that just a few slight movements of the green twine-like stem with his beak would quckly untie his foot granting the giant bird instantaneous freedom. Maybe, and just maybe someone will come along and free the Eagle in time.

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