Political Delusions of Grandeur

In the past few days I have noticed a sickening feeling overwhelm my body and senses. As I have tried to find the cause for this feeling, I was unaware that the root of my issue was in front of me . . . . around me.  The cause of my sickness was paraded on several news channels and radio talk shows.  With the likes of Lou Dobbs, Sean Hannity/Alan Colmes , and George Stephanopoulos, my stomach turned, blood boiled, and eyes tear.

No! White media players are not the only ones who have caused me to become sickened.  People like Warren Ballentine, Joe Madison, and others on satellite radio (and here) have caused this issue with Barack Obama and Rev. Wright to appear bloodcurdling and miserable to watch it played out for the world to see.  My people have been noted in the media to be saying, “Wright is messing it up for Obama,” or “He [Wright] should just be quiet.”

Some Whites on the other hand are noted to be saying that the rhetoric of “race does not matter” and Obama has a chance.  Some are calling him the only hope for a better tomorrow.  To me, this is simply evidence of people drinking from the colorblind ideological kool-aid (Racism Without Racists: Color Blind Racism and the Persistence of Racial Inequality in the United States by Eduardo Bonilla-Silva).  All of these comments make me shake my head in disgust for I know the reality.  I live in it everyday when I wake to the look of a Black male face gazing back at me in the mirror.

I walk by my degrees everyday on the way out of the door only to be reminded that to many I am unworthy.  I see and feel this through my fearful Asian graduate neighbor who seems to be tainted by the remains of the social reproduction of racism (Systemic Racism by Joe Feagin) passed along to her through the White power structure.  I saw and felt it today with the White female gas station cashier who went out of her way to be considerate and friendly to the White customer ahead of me but soon turned to refuse eye contact with me and went out of her way to avoid physical contact while handing me my change.  During a meeting yesterday, I was reminded by a room of White female public school administrators that regardless of my experience and advanced education (of which they do not have) that I will always be challenged and at times overlooked.  Oh yes, . . . I know the realities.  For Barack, the reality dictates that the White racial frame will never allow him to become the next president of the United States of America.  Until we truly dismantle the structure of oppression and racism within this country, we all will be “weeping shades of cozened indigo.”


  1. will aspie

    Yes, I’m pessimistic too about whether the white powers that be will really let someone as black and real as Obama take the reigns.

    You spell out and call out covert racism well here, thank you.

    Regarding Obama, I thought this guy’s post also did a good job of explaining how white politicians can just be who they are (or seem to be), but Obama has to represent:


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