ABC Debate Moderators Parrot White Supremacist Websites on Senator Obama

As I predicted they would do in January, the traditional news media tonight have made yet more racist attacks on Senator Obama, attacks that have been on white supremacist websites now for months. First they intentionally distorted and misrepresented the rather old sermons of his former pastor, Dr. Jeremiah Wright. It appears that the hidden purpose of these media attacks is to do the dirty work of the conservative political attack machine and its aggressively white-racist agenda—to suggest in nonblack minds the old white racial frame’s image of the “dangerous black man.” Tonight at the ABC (“news”) sponsored-debate the ABC moderators, such as George Stephanapolous pictured above(image source), pressed Senator Obama about his onetime modest acquaintance with former radical activist and now University of Illinois professor William Ayers, formerly of the Weather Underground (which bombed federal buildings to protest U.S. overseas actions in the 1960s era).Here is a report on the debate as covered at :

Obama is getting understandably exercised: “He lives in my neighborhood, he’s a man I know, he’s not someone I’ve received an official endorsement from or exchange ideas with. The idea that just because I know a guy who did something 40 years ago, that somehow that reflects on me and my values doesn’t make much sense, George.”

Clinton: “I believe that Senator Obama served on a board with Mr. Ayers, and continued to do so after 9/11 and after his purported comments [that he wishes the Weather Underground had done more], which many New Yorkers found offensive…I think it is, again, an issue that people will be asking about…This is an issue that certainly the Republicans will be raising.”

Obama: “Let’s not forget that Senator Clinton’s husband pardoned two members of the Weather Underground.”

Yet again, Obama makes the obvious point that this relationship was modest and is old and of no political importance today. He does not agree with anything these radicals did, and never has.

Notice Clinton piling on here with conservative talking points. The ABC moderators also brought up Dr. Wright, and Senator Clinton mentioned Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan, both apparently attempts at stigmatizing Senator Obama yet more firmly as a “dangerous black man” and playing into the nearly four centuries old white racial framing of Black men (see here for research on these issues).

We can see again just how openly viciously racist this campaign already is, and will yet be. And how hard it will be for Senator Obama to be elected president in this officially “colorblind” but still extremely racist country. Again, in my view, only aggressive anti-racist action across the nation can stop these highly racist media and other organizational attacks.


  1. Jessie

    Yes, I have to wonder if George S. – a former employee of the (first) Clinton white house – wasn’t trying to put his thumb on the scales a bit in favor of Hilary given the widespread criticism of the previous debate moderators perceived ‘favoritism’ of Obama.

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