Listening to the Far Right, So you Don’t Have To

I’m back from conferencing and returning to my research on the far right. Today, I listened to an online radio show with white supremacists Don Black and David Duke. (I want grace them with a link. You can find it easily enough, if you’re so inclined.) And, like everyone else it seems, they were discussing the presidential campaigns. Black and Duke are predicting an Obama presidency; and, they anticipate that this will be a galvanizing force for the white supremacist movement nationally. That’s me, listening to the far right, so you don’t have to.


  1. There are lots of people who think Obama could win. And I don’t know that anyone would disagree that an Obama presidency would be a galvanizing force for the far right. Democrats in office generally provoke the far right to increased activity. (Either of the candidates toady, I’d think would be especially distasteful for the far right.) The difference is just that most of us look at it as the bad that comes with the good, while they see it as the silver lining. So, thanks for your work, but I’m sorry that it sounds every bit as boring as it must be infuriating.

  2. Seattle in Texas

    I wish I could just agree that it’s the far right and white supremacy…but the Obama campaign has been also countering racist Liberals too—I deliberately say countering and not combating. It’s a psychological war right now that has worked in terms of using racism and fear tactics to vote against him. I believe Obama’s campaign has been carried out with strong ethics…some misinformation at times at least down here related to rules, dates, and so on, which may have been due to many factors and not necessarily deliberate—but we’ve all been able to get it worked out in the end. I do not see his “losses” in both Texas and Ohio as failures at all—they are counts. I will continue to work from down here to help the campaign in other states and I would encourage other supporters to do the same regardless of where they are located.

    Alright. I just wanted to say a couple of things about the voting process in Texas—it is different, but in my opinion quite interesting and, yes, even fair. Clinton accused Obama supporters of “locking” Clinton supporters out of Caucus’ and stealing Caucus packets (ummm—nice one Clinton). Very insulting not only to Obama campaign, but Texan voters and the State in general—and anybody who caucused down here, regardless of location, would know that. If there’s any State that has rules and follows them, from my experience so far, it is Texas. If Clinton supporters were “locked out” I can guarantee that Obama supporters were too—not because of candidate preference, but because of the rules—period. And you can’t tell which camp people are in support of when they wear regular clothing…. And I am currently in the process of learning more about the rules of the Democratic Party in Texas than I ever intended and just find her allegations overall, at this point, rather humorous. I think she was making those claims when she thought she was going to lose—then had threatened to sue the Democratic Party down here—if she would have “lost” then I believe she would have moved forward with the lawsuit.

    The white supremacy is coming from both sides and we all just have to keep countering it through patience and education the best we can. Let people ask questions, talk, and try to work out their own prejudices and biases. I have been talking with people who believe they are not racist because they were heavily involved with the Civil Rights Movements, etc. but this campaign is challenging many (much of which is also with the assistance of the psychological warfare)—of all backgrounds and walks of life. It’s better to face it than suppress it, I think. It’s a great learning opportunity for many who would otherwise be in their “colorblind” worlds where racism is a thing of the past.

    In terms of the far right? Eh hem. I will be quiet here because with all honesty, I cannot say anything nice…just that we all need to stay focused and supportive of the Obama campaign. And I have to say hats off to the republicans who have voted for Obama because they stand behind him—they have been getting much flack, been called traitors, etc. No, they are voters and have the right to vote any way they choose, just as the Democrats who have voted and/or will vote Republican if Obama wins in the end. And it’s also so important for us to recognize and display our appreciation to all of those who had given up on politics and registered to vote and have or will vote in these primaries!We are in a very deep psychological arm-wrestling match right now and Obama’s going to win!

    Okay folks, I’m done with my soapboxes–I have to close them all down…soooo, I guess it’s up up and away! Obama for President!

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