White Supremacists March on Jena, La.

Members of a white nationalist group, including three young men and a young woman from West Monroe, La., with a Confederate flag bearing the message “White Power/Ku Klux Klan,” showed up to protest the MLK holiday in Jena, La. One of the young men, Michael Brown, was quoted as saying, “We’re here just supporting our white brothers. We’re proud to be white.” As is so often the case with public protests by white supremacists, the handful that showed up in Jena were outnumbered by counterprotesters and members of the media.


  1. Seattle in Texas

    Geeze. These guys just don’t know when to stop. Karma…As of for now, all I can say is that they all get the finger from me. No, they get both with the full stance and all….

  2. a

    Does anyone here actually care about what happened ?

    A student was beaten up by 6 other people.

    Shouldnt the focus be on sympathy for the student who was beaten up?

    OR does sympathy only extend to those who beat him up , because they were a favored group (based on past wrongs done to that group) ?

    and no sympathy extends to the person beaten up (not because he wasn’t innocent as an individual, but because he was part of a group that is painted with a broad brush as being responsible for all that is wrong with society ?

  3. a

    finally — its interesting
    that this website, which claims to be academic — doesnt have the term


    while it does have the term

    “anti-middle eastern”

    Is it possible that the term anti-american deserves to be used here for those who would like to fight FOR AMERICA AS A WHOLE ?

    Finally, its interesting that
    there is a “white racial frame”
    but no mention of any other ethnic groups “racial frame ”
    wouldnt fairness mean an investigation into the “black racial frame “, the “asian racial frame” and so on … ?

    and while “white supremicists ” is a term,
    where is the term “black supremicists” ?
    “mexican supremicists” ? la raza means THE RACE … why no mention of them ?

    its hard to take seriously any site that sees (for example New York City is like only 25% white) the problems of non-white in new york city (whom comprise 75% of the population ) as being caused by only 25% of the population there.

  4. GDAWG

    No reposnse required. But in any event, this person is Too asinine and petty. As such, I shall respond. He remarks as is if it was the ‘Mexicans’ and the ‘Asians’ that brought about the horrendous first 350 years of of our existence in these lands, that initiated and prolonged the wretched anti- Black horrors. And, as Condi Rice has pointed out recently, that our original birth defect, as a nation,(white led- antiblack racism with its coterie of afflictions, and european land grabs the world over), and, as as far as I know birth defects are in a large part, irrreversible, which is why we still characterize the over arching theme of white supremacy, even in its current form today, as such.

  5. GDAWG

    Sorry a. Did not resond toyour concern over the student who was “beaten” by six other students. He was indeed hospitalized that day because of his azz whupping by pairs of $100.00 sneakers. But, I guess the boys really did not do him much harm, as he was able too attend a school party the same night. Finally, a Black kid was beaten by a white JENA mob and injured with a broken bottle during this same period. Any concern as to what happend in this event?

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