Documentary Film & Video for Teaching and Learning about Racism

I’ve been writing and thinking about the potential of digital video at places like YouTube for subverting dominant, controlling images over at my personal blog, Thinking at the Interface. I also use a lot of documentary films and videos in my teaching. I’ve been experimenting with how to include digital video here at Racism Review. Originally, I’d wanted to include a separate video blog here, but the blogging software won’t allow me to do that (and I don’t have the coding chops to hack the software and bend it to my will). So, I’m just going to do what everyone else does, and periodically include a digital video here (via YouTube) as I run across them. And, on the additional page called “Videos” linked above, I’ll keep a list of documentary films and videos that are useful for teaching and learning about racism. I’ve got a few up there now as a preliminary list. If you’ve got a title, please drop a comment here and I’ll add it to the list.


  1. Please take a look at the 2-min “promo” for “Breaking the Rules” – our documentary film in production in South Africa. It tells the story of the white South Africans who opposed apatheid and fought in the struggle to end racial injustice and oppression in that country. We’re telling this story to illustrate what individuals can achieve when we have the courage to say “no!’ to racial intolerance and injustice that is being perpetrated against others. Humanity wins. Racism loses.

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